Telstra outage hits businesses at EOFY

SMEs were among those left without internet access yesterday, when telecommunications giant Telstra encountered yet another network outage. June 30 is one of the busiest...

The essential tech you need to invest in this end of financial year

While most businesses are scrounging for receipts and attempting to squeeze as much life as they can out of a possible tax return at...

A checklist for small businesses at the end of the financial year

It's here: welcome to the end of the financial year. The end of a financial year is a busy - and often stressful - time...

Aunty B

I’m SmartCompany’s resident Agony Aunt. Have a problem to solve? Just ask.


Dear Aunty B, One of my sales executives has asked for a pay rise after working for us for around 10 months and I’m not sure that they deserve a higher salary just yet.

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