Meet PanelHype, the Geelong startup helping local small businesses turn mobile devices into advertising space

Five entrepreneurs have teamed up to launch a digital marketplace that enables small businesses in the Victorian regional centre of Geelong turn mobile devices...

The seven deadly sins of small business

Small business is a tough gig whichever way you cut the corporate cake. Competition is fierce, margins are slim, loyal clientele are hard to...

What Therapies for Kids founder Debbie Evans has learnt from turning an idea for a holistic children’s therapy service into a $1.8 million business

Debbie Evans started her business, Therapies for Kids, in 2008 after almost 20 years as a physiotherapist for children. Her company aims to provide children...

Aunty B

I’m SmartCompany’s resident Agony Aunt. Have a problem to solve? Just ask.


Dear Aunty B, I’ve been asked to speak at industry event for the first time and the thought of getting up on a stage in front of a room of other business owners scares me silly.

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