Ruslan Kogan


Four things we learned from Kogan’s first financial results since going public


Online retailer has beat its 2016 prospectus revenue forecasts and the acquisition of Dick Smith's online assets has delivered at extra $6.5 million...
Stephen Canning JCurve

Influencers & Profiles

Why camaraderie is Stephen Canning’s top priority at $11 million cloud business JCurve Solutions

Influencers & Profiles

JCurve Solutions provides cloud-based software that streamlines small business systems into one database – and local businesses are jumping aboard. With customers like Two...


Bras N Things removes “vulgar” Playboy lingerie ad after watchdog rules it was too much for shopping centre patrons


Retailer Bras N Things will not use one of its in-store video advertisements again after the advertising watchdog ruled the clip of a female...




Murray Goulburn and the perils of serving two masters: Lessons from the big end of town


Murray Goulburn released their unaudited, year-end report this week. It was a surprising result, with an increased profit being reported in the 2016 financial...


Fixing the looming super crisis, family business-style

Aunty B

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Dear Aunty B, I’m tired of feeling like I never have time outside of my business – please help!

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Six lessons from the worst bullying cases in Australia


By Michael Mead, Head of Workplace Relations Consulting Services, Ai Group For a nation that prides itself on a right to a ‘fair go’, Australia...

The storytelling nature of data

Why a fear of data analytics is bad for business

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