Advertising watchdog dismisses complaints over Gok's “offensive” Target bra ad

Complaints over a Target ad featuring celebrity fashion consultant and television presenter Gok Wan have been dismissed by the Advertising Standards Board. by Broede Carmody
The high-flying adventures of Lisa McGuigan Wines

The high-flying adventures of Lisa McGuigan Wines

Lisa McGuigan Wines launched in 2011. The range is now carried by JetStar, with a turnover between $1 million and $2 million last year. By Cara Waters

NSW drilling company with 75 employees collapses

A New South Wales-based mining services company that employs 75 people has been placed in administration. by Eloise Keating

Easter boosts retail sales by 8.4% according to new sales index

Australian retailers will now be able to compare their store’s sales to their competitors on a weekly basis, thanks to a new retail sales index launched today. by Eloise Keating

Fight over USB stick leads to failed unfair dismissal claim

The Fair Work Commission has rejected an employee's claim she was pushed down stairs after a fight over a USB stick and unfairly dismissed. by Cara Waters

RBA member claims “bountiful” export surge: Is it true?

Reserve Bank of Australia board member John Edwards has claimed the biggest surge in export volumes on record may be holding up the dollar despite falling commodity prices. by Cara Waters
Five tips to build a strong team immune system

Five tips to build a strong team immune system

Now is a good time to think about how to support your team's immune system. By Pollyanna Lenkic

Too many Australian companies unwilling to employ older workers, says Age Discrimination Commissioner

Too many Australian companies are “unwilling to hire people over 50”, according to Age Discrimination Commissioner Susan Ryan. by Eloise Keating

Palmer puts government on alert over carbon tax repeal; Inflation defies economists’ predictions: Midday Roundup

Clive Palmer has indicated his Palmer United Party might not support the repeal of the carbon and mining taxes. by Broede Carmody

SMEs expect new financial year to drive growth

Small to medium-sized businesses are optimistic about better business conditions in the lead-up to the new financial year, according to the Commonwealth Bank’s SME Confidence Report. by Broede Carmody

Malcolm Turnbull says AT&T isn’t abandoning fibre-to-the-node technology

Federal Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has hit out at people claiming US telecommunications giant AT&T has abandoned fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) technology in its latest broadband announcement. by Andrew Sadauskas
How to spot a housing bubble

How to spot a housing bubble

Australia’s property commentators are again looking at the possibility that our price growth is due to a bubble. Here are the key warning signs you need to be aware of. By Jessie Richardson
Email marketing continues to deliver on ROI

Email marketing continues to deliver on ROI

It’s less fashionable, but it’s also more effective than social networking for most SMEs. By Craig Reardon
How do I get my employee to smoke away from the customers?

How do I get my employee to smoke away from the customers?

Gone are the days when every man and his dog took smokos. By Aunty B

iiNet announces the appointment of two new directors following Michael Malone’s resignation

iiNet has announced the appointment of two internet veterans to its board of directors, following the resignation of former chief executive and cofounder Michael Malone late last month. by Andrew Sadauskas

Construction recovery may not be “long enough and strong enough” for related businesses

Insolvency firm Ferrier Hodgson has raised concerns that the improvement in residential construction may not be “long enough and strong enough” to allow downstream construction businesses to recover from financial damage suffered over the past two years. by Zoe Fielding

Abbott government confirms commitment to completing startup policy reviews

The federal government has confirmed it is committed to completing reviews of key regulation hurdles for startups, such as the employee share scheme regulations and crowdsourced equity. by Rose Powell
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