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Help! My cousin wants a part-time job at MY business!

As my regular readers will attest, I’m a firm believer in not hiring friends or family. by Aunty B

How do I subtly brag about being headhunted to my boss?

Why don’t you want the other job? If the pay is not as good, or the business not as good, then it’s not really anything to boast about. by Aunty B

I think I accidentally offended my boss by calling her ‘old’! Help!

I think it’s time to have that glass of wine – calm down, you’re overreacting and you’re overthinking it. by Aunty B

Am I being discriminated against as an introvert?

I’m a very private person but at my most recent performance review my boss told me I was too aloof. by Aunty B

Should I dob in my light-fingered co-workers?

These people are committing a crime that’s potentially putting the future of the business that employs you at risk. by Aunty B

What should I do about my overly ‘blokey’ boss? His jokes are terrible!

Everyone has the right to feel comfortable in their workplace and the way your boss is speaking to you is just not on. by Aunty B

Help! My boss wants to know why I’m taking annual leave!

Does your boss also ask you what you spend your salary on? I didn’t think so. by Aunty B

My boss says I’m a ‘contractor’ but I think I should be treated as an employee. Help!

Your gut instinct is telling you something is wrong and I think you should trust that instinct. by Aunty B

My business partner is a bully and a manipulator! Help!

First of all, you need to give this bully business partner the Aunty B. by Aunty B

How do I convince my hoarding boss to tidy up?

There is nothing like a good spring clean to brighten up a store and boost staff morale. by Aunty B

Help! My colleague gets more work than me!

Great to hear from a reader all the way from London and someone who is so keen. by Aunty B

Can I afford to take a day off?

The fastest way to derail your business is to lose track of the importance of down time. by Aunty B

Should I be helping my former boss get access to company documents?

You’re feeling uneasy about these requests from your former boss for a very good reason. by Aunty B

Why can’t I get results from a staff member in a remote location?

To borrow an old cliché, the problem isn’t you, it’s her. That being said, there is a solution. by Aunty B

My employee’s home troubles are impacting on their work! Help!

There comes a point when your sympathy and understanding can only extend so far with this person. by Aunty B

Friday night drinks is leaving me with a hangover

Unfortunately, even relaxed social events need a bit of structure. by Aunty B

Friday night drinks is leaving me with a hangover

Unfortunately, even relaxed social events need a bit of structure. by Aunty B

Will I lose control if I apologise?

You know it always surprises me that people see an apology as akin to losing control. It is not! It is an apology! by Aunty B

Do I tell on my cheating friend or do I go?

Keep your mouth shut. It is none of your business. Besides you don't know what arrangements people have behind the closed doors of their marriage. by Aunty B

My colleagues expect me to resign as soon as I walk down the aisle –what do I say?

There are still some pretty old-fashioned views out there about women in the workplace, but don’t let that deter you from pursuing your career. by Aunty B
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