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Should I chuck a sickie?

I’m not opposed to the occasional ‘mental health day’, but not when your company is relying on you to perform. by Aunty B

Should I promote an employee nobody likes to manager?

Looks like you have already spotted the big, red, flashing warning signs here. by Aunty B

Is it time to let my 65-year-old employee go?

The days of the gold watch upon retirement are over – just like the days of retiring at 65. by Aunty B

My new employee dresses like she’s off to a nightclub! Help!

Assuming your business isn’t a nightclub (in which case she’s dressed perfectly appropriately), here’s what you need to do. by Aunty B

Is an office Easter egg hunt politically incorrect?

I am considering a handbook of etiquette on the matter, “Aunty B’s guide to all things that are supposed to be pleasant that turn into stress for SMEs”. by Aunty B

Why would I be asked about where I will be in five years’ time?

Where do you see yourself in five years is such a standard interview question that I'm surprised people ask it anymore – it's such a cliché. by Aunty B

Should I continue to suffer in stinky silence – or try to flush out the problem?

Jumping on people who come out of the toilet and passive aggressive signs are not the answer. by Aunty B

I told my company to hire a dud – help!

I recommend getting to know your friends better before recommending them for a job. by Aunty B

My home office is too small for my growing company, help!

It is fine to have remote workers, but you need to set up a central hub that can facilitate meetings and can cater for growth. by Aunty B

My staff are making my business look like a Twit – Help!

Sometimes I wonder whether the people who write in to me even read SmartCompany. by Aunty B

I’ve got a LinkedIn liar on my hands – should I be worried?

I’m not against a bit of shameless self-promotion myself – but these changes need to be within the realm of truth. by Aunty B

Is it unreasonable to expect my staff to take my calls?

You can’t expect your staff to always take your calls. They may need to go to the toilet or a funeral occasionally. by Aunty B

My boss wants to “friend” me on Facebook – can I decline his offer?

It's understandable you would want to keep your personal and professional lives separate. by Aunty B

Our new outsourced accounts system is driving me and our clients mad! Help!

You need to start documenting the complaints you are getting and the amount of time it is taking people to get paid. by Aunty B

A co-worker keeps commenting on my hours – how do I tell them to mind their own business?

Has it occurred to you that you might be the tiniest bit paranoid? by Aunty B

The thermostat wars have started – help!

This may or may not be scientifically proven, but my analysis of workplaces over the years identifies two types of people in this world – the cold blooded and the hot blooded. by Aunty B

How do I cope with my loud colleague?

Oh how I long for the days when I had a nice corner office with a view and didn’t have to put up with all this teamwork and ‘pod’ nonsense. by Aunty B

I’m underpaid and want a pay rise, but how do I approach the issue?

Before approaching your boss, consider how much extra work you’re doing compared to when you first started the position and find a way to quantify it. by Aunty B

I don’t want to be contactable 24/7: How do I stop my boss from giving out my mobile number to clients?

Tread with caution. What you see as unwanted voicemails he sees as opportunities to grow the business, so stay positive about the fact that people want to talk to you. by Aunty B

I’m seriously confused about my career direction – am I actually an entrepreneur?

It sounds to me like you might be an entrepreneur in the making – so embrace your fear. by Aunty B
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