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Help! I made Christmas treats for my team and one of them criticised my baking

In a perfect world I would tell that so-and-so to take the cupcake and put it where the sun doesn’t shine. by Aunty B

Help! I got stuck with the worst KK gift at my work Christmas party

It might not be very Christmassy of me to say this, but my response to your apparent problem is: tough luck. by Aunty B

Why are women always left organising the Christmas party?

It’s a problem for everyone when women continue to be pegged into housekeeping/caretaking roles that aren’t inherent parts of their jobs. by Aunty B

Help! My boss is too busy to help me

You’ll be able to annoy your boss much less once you know exactly what you are supposed to be doing. by Aunty B

Help! My colleagues keep teasing me for drinking soy milk

Latte-loving hipster or not, you need to own your coffee of choice. by Aunty B

Help! My employee is writing nasty notes about her colleagues

You clearly have a technophobe on your hands, given she has hand-written her nasty notes instead of just emailing them! by Aunty B

I’m bored rigid in my job – should I tell my boss I’m looking to jump ship?

You used to love your job but now you say it’s boring and you don’t feel like you’re achieving anything. You need to try and get that love back before starting to look elsewhere. by Aunty B

My workers are ganging up on our new recruit – how do I make it stop?

You need to act and you needed to do so yesterday. by Aunty B

Help! Our boss let 100 staff go and morale is now terrible

The first thing to realise here is that this is not about you. by Aunty B

Help! Our boss let 100 staff go and morale is now terrible

The first thing to realise here is that this is not just about you. by Aunty B

Should I tell a prospective employer about the overseas holiday I am planning?

An interview is an opportunity to show a prospective employer exactly what type of person you are and not being upfront may get you off to the wrong start. by Aunty B

Help! My employee has organised her own office Christmas party and not everyone is invited

On the one hand, you can’t really tell your employees what to do after they knock off for the day. But on the other hand, I share your worries that this will only cause problems between your workers. by Aunty B

Help! I’m scared of our Christmas party

I am torn between a mixture of horror at what you get up to at your parties and a desperate urge to ask for an invite. by Aunty B

Help, my employee just went AWOL!

Everyone has moments in their life where they make a dumb decision. As an employer, you need to work out why this dumb decision was made. by Aunty B

I think my colleagues are having an affair – should I tell my boss?

I’m going to lay it out for you: you really should mind your own business. by Aunty B

Can I ask my intern to stay on – unpaid?

Interns can often be terribly useless – finding a good intern is like finding a diamond in the rough. by Aunty B

Help! My office is shutting down for Christmas

There's no need to be a Grinch about Christmas break. by Aunty B

I never heard back about the job I interviewed for – is it okay to contact the company?

Finding a new job can be exhaustive process and even more so if you are sitting at home wondering if you will get a call back. by Aunty B

Is it OK to cancel Christmas to save a few pennies?

Work Christmas parties are always fraught with danger but the boost they give to your company’s morale should not be underestimated. by Aunty B

Help! An unsuccessful job candidate is giving me a guilt trip

It sounds like you were trying to let this candidate down diplomatically but it has backfired. by Aunty B
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