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aunty b

I think my colleagues are having an affair – should I tell my boss?

I’m going to lay it out for you: you really should mind your own business. by Aunty B

Can I ask my intern to stay on – unpaid?

Interns can often be terribly useless – finding a good intern is like finding a diamond in the rough. by Aunty B

Help! My office is shutting down for Christmas

There's no need to be a Grinch about Christmas break. by Aunty B

I never heard back about the job I interviewed for – is it okay to contact the company?

Finding a new job can be exhaustive process and even more so if you are sitting at home wondering if you will get a call back. by Aunty B

Is it OK to cancel Christmas to save a few pennies?

Work Christmas parties are always fraught with danger but the boost they give to your company’s morale should not be underestimated. by Aunty B

Help! An unsuccessful job candidate is giving me a guilt trip

It sounds like you were trying to let this candidate down diplomatically but it has backfired. by Aunty B

Help! I got drunk with my staff and now I’m worried they won’t respect me anymore

Business owners are humans too and we’re allowed to have a bit of fun. by Aunty B

How do I deal with a worker who won’t stop chatting and do some work?

Being able to chat to anyone is one of the holy grails of retail, but having the gift of the gab is no use if you can’t get your work done. by Aunty B

Help! I caught my employee cutting their toenails at their desk!

If I caught one of my workers cutting their toenails at work, I would not have hesitated to tell them to stop right there and then. by Aunty B

I want to refuse my crappy pay rise

Your feelings of moral superiority might only be temporary if you refuse this pay rise. by Aunty B

I’ve just started a new job – is it a bad time to quit and start my own business?

As any small business owner will tell you, there is never a good time to start your small business. by Aunty B

My co-worker won’t talk to me and only communicates through emails

You'll probably never be best of friends with this person, but you do need to be able to work together. by Aunty B

Did I stay in the one job too long?

The era of gold watches is over and you need to make yourself relevant to prospective employers. by Aunty B

What can I do about Melbourne Cup sickies?

The horse has sort of bolted here (if you'll excuse the pun) but there are ways you can combat the long weekend/public holiday 'sickie'. by Aunty B

My bosses are at war with each other – and I’m stuck in the middle!

It can be exceptionally hard to navigate a role that reports to more than one person. by Aunty B

I’m struggling to sell my business – any tips on how I can make it happen?

It’s no doubt cold comfort to hear, but you are definitely not the only SME owner in Australia struggling to find a buyer or a good price for your business. by Aunty B

The IT guy won’t give me login details for our Facebook page even though I’m his boss!

This looks like a classic power play by your IT guy. by Aunty B

My casual staff are so unreliable!

This is the joy of running a small business – you are the one left carrying the can. by Aunty B

My boss and I can’t stop using ‘cute’ nicknames for each other – help!

This is an in joke that could easily be misconstrued by others. by Aunty B

Can a manager really sack an employee for such a petty thing?

This manager must have been having a pretty terrible day to have said something like this. by Aunty B
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