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Help! I can’t think of a name for my business

Why be common when you can be uncommon? That’s a philosophy I’ve adopted for everything from my business strategy to my cocktail of choice. by Aunty B

Help! I published some embarrassing photos of myself on Facebook

Employers are growing increasingly social media savvy and Facebook privacy settings are increasingly meaningless. by Aunty B

Should we banish the office dog just because our new employee has a problem with it?

As an employer, you need to consider that your employees may not always have the same cultural attitudes as you. by Aunty B

Help! My staff are going to find out how young I am through LinkedIn

Your staff may not know exactly how young you are but let’s remember who owns the company here. by Aunty B

What are my redundancy entitlements while I’m on maternity leave?

Redundancy can be a tricky area and it's always worth checking your entitlements are being met. by Aunty B

Help! I’m not popular at my new job yet

Teething problems are normal when you start a new job and you have only been in your new workplace for less than three months. Not everyone can be as popular as me! by Aunty B

How do I tell my septuagenarian mother that starting a Christmas decorating business might be tougher than she thinks?

Setting up a business is hard work for anyone. If you are in your 70s with mild dementia then that’s an extra challenge. by Aunty B

My work colleague hums and grunts like an office Maria Sharapova!

Your vocal colleague might have developed this behaviour as a way to deal with the stresses of work. by Aunty B

How do I get my worker to stop eating his dim sims in front of customers?

As the new owner of the business, right now is the time to set the ground rules. by Aunty B

Help! My boss keeps poking fun at my height

The long and short (pardon the pun) of it is, everyone has a right to feel comfortable in their workplace. by Aunty B

Help! My dad keeps meddling in my business

Entrepreneurs might retire on paper, but they never really let go. by Aunty B

I think I’ve been caught in the act of nookie!

It seems you've made a few rookie mistakes when it comes to the office fling. by Aunty B

Should I make my absent minded employee pay for the stuff they lose?

You probably wasted more money in the time you spent thinking about this email and then sending it to me. by Aunty B

Help! My employee is always running late

Grow some back bone! Remember who is the boss here. by Aunty B

My staff want unlimited holidays – help!

Is Richard Branson giving his staff access to his private island retreat as well for these unlimited holidays? by Aunty B

I was told I could work from home but now my boss has reneged on his promise! What can I do?

Unfortunately, it sounds like your manager has wavered a little under pressure and you've come out second best. by Aunty B

Help! I can’t read my boss’ handwriting

I can’t remember the last time I left a handwritten note for one of my staff or vice versa. by Aunty B

A junior male employee has been promoted ahead of me – is this a case of sex discrimination?

Sadly, this tale is all too common. Discrimination can be hidden until something very obvious happens like this. by Aunty B

Help! My boss keeps making me take selfies with her

Putting aside the silliness of selfies, you need to show a little assertiveness with your boss. by Aunty B

My boss is too touchy feely – help!

Your boss’ behaviour may be innocent enough but the key thing here is that it makes you feel uncomfortable. by Aunty B
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