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Help! I’m scared my maternity leave replacement is going to change my job

Going on maternity leave or indeed any extended period of absence from a job is never an easy thing. You need to proceed with caution. by Aunty B

Help! My staff just won’t clean up after themselves

Regular readers of Aunty B will know that I take a no holds barred approach when it comes to office cleaning, but I have a feeling you’re not going to like my advice. by Aunty B

What can I do about the sourpuss we have on customer service?

You need to address this before it spirals out of control! by Aunty B

Help! My boss is making threats about docking pay

Your employer might want to be careful about the threats he makes. by Aunty B

Should I be worried that I am younger than my staff members?

It worries me that you are already holding back when it comes to speaking with your team and helping them improve their work. by Aunty B

Help! I need a grant or some cash to start my business

There are also specialist firms which focus on identifying the right type of grants for your business. The downside is they do take a cut. by Aunty B

Can I stop a soon-to-be ex-employee bad mouthing me to customers?

Bad word-of-mouth can be disastrous for any business, but when it comes to ex-employees, or in your case soon-to-be ex-employees, sometimes we employers just have to grin and bear it. by Aunty B

How can I flush out this stinking office problem?

If you want to clean out this smelly situation, it might be time to get a little passive aggressive in your approach. by Aunty B

Do I have to invite workmates to my wedding?

This is your wedding and you are under no obligation to make the day about anyone but yourself. by Aunty B

Why does my boss keep calling me “the intern”?

We’ve all had a go at being the intern, but you’ve worked hard to get where you are and your boss should give credit where credit’s due. by Aunty B

Is this interviewee kidding me?

Would you ask a male job applicant how he planned to juggle work and family commitments? I thought not. by Aunty B

How do I get my workers to stop pinching the Moleskine notebooks?

I’m impressed you supply your workers with Moleskine notebooks in the first place! by Aunty B

I don't want to sing in front of my colleagues. How do I get out of it?

We have an annual workplace retreat which usually has a mix of business development activities, team “bonding” and boozy nights out. This year for the team bonding they have scheduled in choir singing. by Aunty B

How many interview rounds should I have to go through before I get the job?

Hiring the wrong person can be a huge cost for an employer, but six rounds of interviews would tire even the best candidate out. by Aunty B

Who do I give my resignation to – my supervisor or the company boss?

I’ve recently been approached by a marketing firm about taking a new position with them and so I need to resign from my current role. Who do I tell? by Aunty B

How do I get in with the cool lunch crew at work?

It might feel important to be part of the ‘cool gang’ at work, but it shouldn’t be your number one priority in a new job. by Aunty B

Help! My boss expects me to fetch her coffee each morning

All bosses rely on caffeine to get us through our hectic working day, but the days of expecting a more junior team member to take care of your caffeine habit are rightly a thing of the past. by Aunty B

It’s just not chair: Should I sit and talk with the office furniture thief?

Clearly this woman feels threatened by you and this is something you need to nip in the bud before it escalates. by Aunty B

My employee’s anxiety is stressing me out – help!

It sounds like this employee needs some reassurance from her boss! by Aunty B

Help! Our “fun” company culture is getting out of hand

For the past 12 months I have been trying to improve the culture at my company but now I’m worried that things are getting out of hand. by Aunty B
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