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The Conversation

Arthur Sinodinos


Is 2017 the year to ditch the term ‘innovation’?

By Jesse Adams Stein, University of Technology Sydney With the appointment of Arthur Sinodinos as minister for industry, innovation and science in the cabinet reshuffle, Australia...
Theresa May


UK Prime Minister Theresa May confirms it’ll be a hard Brexit: What that means for EU trade

By Billy Melo Araujo, Queen's University Belfast Theresa May has confirmed that the UK intends to leave the European Union’s single market and customs union. The...
Young person training on the job


Unpaid work experience is widespread but some are missing out: Study

By Damian Oliver, Andrew Stewart, Anne Hewitt and Paula McDonald Most young Australians undertake unpaid work experience as part of their education or training, to maintain entitlements to social...
Woman using her fitness tracker while exercising


How wearable devices are reinventing our cities as open-air gyms

By Carlo Ratti, Massachusetts Institute of Technology When Friedrich Ludwig Jahn, arguably the “father of gymnastics” and the inventor of the horizontal and parallel bars, opened...
Construction workers using a laptop on site


Why we need to find new ways to measure the Australian labour force

By Phil Lewis, University of Canberra Over the last few years, we’ve seen a massive shift in the way we work. Thousands of Australians have abandoned...
Two people worried about their business


There is no silver bullet to stop fraudsters

By Jennifer Wilson, Macquarie University A common stereotype of fraudsters is that they are psychopaths. That fraudsters are considered manipulative, callous and remorseless is understandable, considering...
Google office


Who will be the winner in the next computing revolution?

By Toby Walsh, Data61 A computer’s operating system (OS), the layer of software between you and the hardware, has changed remarkably over the past few decades....
Paul Keating takes Joe Hockey to task for “trying to pull the plug out of the bath of the universal super pool”

industrial relations

The rise and fall of enterprise bargaining agreements in Australia

By Peter Gahan, University of Melbourne 1992 was landmark year in Australian industrial relations. The Keating government pushed for enterprise bargaining in the face of reluctance...


What consumer confidence surveys tell us about the economy

By Viet Nguyen, University of Melbourne Consumers are key players in the economy, they purchase goods and services, supply labour and make savings and investment decisions....

Emerging Technology

Would you eat a 3D printed pizza?

By Deborah Lupton, University of Canberra and Bethaney Turner, University of Canberra Could you imagine serving a 3D printed turkey for Christmas lunch? Or munching on...

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Webinar: Improving management and leadership


With the modern workplace evolving into an older workforce as average retirement ages spikes, leadership techniques may need to be re-examined for employees and employers...
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