The Conversation

The Conversation

Theresa May

Importing and Exporting

Trade data shows Australia can get more out of a deal with the EU than the UK

By David Treisman and Giovanni Di Lieto, Monash University Australia should prioritise a free-trade agreement with the European Union to capitalise on historically optimal relations, rather than...
Construction workers using a laptop on site


How director ID numbers and “restricted directorships” could help stamp out phoenix activity in Australia

Helen Anderson, Ian Ramsay, and Jasper Hedges, University of Melbourne, and Michelle Welsh, Monash University To stamp out illegal phoenix activity, directors should be required to have...


Our big cities are engines of inequality, so how do we fix that?

By Somwrita Sarkar, Peter Phibbs and Roderick Simpson, University of Sydney Australia’s global cities are a very large part of the nation’s economic success, but they are...
Female student studying

People & Human Resources

Business students willing to sacrifice future salary for good corporate social responsibility: Study

By Debbie Haski-Leventhal and Mehrdokht Pournader, Macquarie Graduate School of Management More than 90% of business students in a study on corporate social responsibility said they would...
Managers analysing data

People & Human Resources

Why collecting employee data and using “people analytics” won’t necessarily lead to better workplaces

By Uri Gal, University of Sydney Using computer algorithms to make decisions about employees might seem like an objective management strategy, but it could actually give...
Woman using a computer


Is NBN Co’s chief executive right when he says Australians aren’t interested in ultra-fast broadband?

By David Glance, University of Western Australia Whilst announcing NBN Co’s 2017 half year results, chief executive Bill Morrow stated that there was little market demand...
Small businesses claim $418 million from $20,000 asset write-off scheme


Would tax cuts for new businesses be more likely to boost “jobs and growth”?

By Saul Eslake, University of Tasmania The Turnbull government’s signature economic policy at last year’s election was a 5% cut in the company tax rate, over...
Petrol pump


How big petrol retailers pushed prices up in Perth

By David Byrne, University of Melbourne Big petrol retailers are pushing the price of petrol up by communicating through prices and while this is technically legal,...
Malcolm Turnbull


After all the talk, what is the Turnbull government actually doing for small business?

By Martie-Louise Verreynne and Thea Voogt, The University of Queensland Treasurer Scott Morrison continues to warn about the decline of Australia’s global competitiveness if the centrepiece of...
watching TV


3D television is dead, so what’s next?

By Marc C-Scott, Victoria University Back in 2010 Sony Australia’s Paul Colley forecasted that a large percentage of Australian viewers would have 3D televisions by 2014. In...

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Is the age of ownership over?


Owning a car, house or designer bag has always been a big financial commitment, but once upon a time it was a commitment people...
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