Craig Reardon

Craig Reardon

Craig Reardon is the founder and director of independent web services firm The E Team, which services the website and web marketing needs of SMEs.


Are you really using the right website platform for your small business?

Are you using the best website platform or technology for your business? Well you’d have to be, right? You asked lots of web professionals and...

Social Media

Facebook recommendations feature puts local business in the spotlight

Have you noticed the significant change in Facebook recently? If not, it surely won’t be long before you do. In the past week in this...
Working from home

People & Human Resources

The lifestyle downside of an always-on world

Did you work over the weekend? I don’t mean clock-on, clock-off, sit at a desk kind of work. I mean the ‘accidental’ work, such as...

Business Advice

The one mistake business owners make when thinking about digital

You’d think that after working closely with this smaller business for more that 10 years, they would have grasped my core capabilities by now. But...


What’s better than being number one on Google?

Every now and then, this blog has to part with the odd secret in the interests of bettering your understanding of digital marketing—we weren’t...

Social Media

There’s no escaping the wrath of the unhappy customer

Poor customer service has never been excusable. Prior to the advent of social media, the rule of thumb was that on average, disgruntled customers...


What’s on your 2017 digital wishlist?

And so we come to the final blog missive for 2016. Hopefully it’s been a year that has seen your digital world provide greater...

Content Marketing

Content marketing spreads its egalitarian wings

At a time when misinformation spreads just as quickly as the real thing, it’s important to take information from all but the most credible...


Should your IT department be in control of your website?

In my travels I get to speak to a lot of smaller business operators about websites and digital communications. The message I get even now,...
facebook advertising

Social Media

When will you try social media advertising?

Some years ago, I attended yet a presentation from leading Australian search and e-commerce expert (and former SmartCompany blogger) Chris Thomas about the latest...

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Ebook: Talking tech: How SMEs use technology


For so long, the word “technology” represented something distant. It was inaccessible. Now technology runs everything we do. By analysing the activity in the businesses...
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