Dinushi Dias

Dinushi Dias

Dinushi Dias is a journalist at StartupSmart and multimedia content producer. When she’s out of the office, she works on social projects with her We Love It Productions family and buddying filmmakers.
Sendle Etsy


Etsy executive joins board of Sydney startup Sendle: “We obviously share a target market”

The managing director for Etsy Australia and Asia is joining the board of a Sydney startup that provides small business owners with a 100%...

human resources

Job search giant Seek to tackle “threats in HR” by investing in startup accelerator

Multibillion-dollar job search giant Seek and global recruitment platform Hudson have partnered with a Sydney startup accelerator to spot and tackle “threats in HR”. Human...
Campaign Monitor

People & Human Resources

Campaign Monitor chief Alex Bard on the most important asset in your business

“Never lose sight of the greatest and most important asset you have, which is the people of your company,” says Campaign Monitor chief executive...
Audience Republic


How a $20,000 failure eventually led this Sydney founder to a $525,000 investment deal

After blowing $20,000 on an event he couldn’t sell enough tickets for, concert promoter Jared Kristensen decided to come up with a solution. That solution...
Venus Williams Australian Open 2017


Tennis star Venus Williams on the best thing about being an entrepreneur

“People say there isn’t a limit but in our head we always think in limits—be limitless and take that limit off of yourself and...
SheHacks event


LaunchVic awards $4.9 million to projects working to make Victoria’s startup sector more diverse and accessible

From disrupting the disability sector to increasing entrepreneurial opportunities for women, seven innovative projects have received $4.9 million in funding from LaunchVic. This is the second round...
Manager with their team


Investors mistook the chief executive of this multimillion-dollar tech company for an assistant

When the founder of this multimillion-dollar tech company was meeting investors for an initial public offering, they mistook her for the assistant. “During our IPO ...


Execs at the world’s biggest tech companies express “grave concerns” over Trump’s Muslim ban

Powerful tech leaders have joined the calls against US President Donald Trump’s executive order to stop people from seven Muslim-majority nations entering the country. In what’s been...
GreenSync Founder Dr Phil Blythe


Melbourne clean tech startup secures $11.5 million in funding in quest to transform electricity market

“The energy industry and energy market is undergoing a pretty transformational change,” says Dr Phil Blythe. As power grids become decentralised, he says, it’s opening up...
Female business leader

People & Human Resources

Why culture needs to be part of the plan to grow any business

Culture is less about glow-in-the-dark ping pong tables and free pizza than it is about “enduring values”, and despite what many founders believe, it...

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Is the age of ownership over?


Owning a car, house or designer bag has always been a big financial commitment, but once upon a time it was a commitment people...
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