Dominic Powell

Dominic Powell

Dominic Powell is a part-time journalist at SmartCompany, and a full-time tech geek. When he’s not writing about Pokemon GO, you can find him reading or browsing record shops.
talking at work

professional development

Try this one way to say “no” that’s scientifically proven to be more effective

The start of a new year is often associated with a number of tasks, meetings, and important decisions for business owners. Perhaps you're considering hiring...

People & Human Resources

How to prepare your business for “sickies” this Australia Day

"Chucking a sickie” might be accepted Australian slang, but with Australia Day fast approaching experts warn business owners to prepare now, before sickies are...


The 50 most innovative companies of 2016 revealed

Global business consultancy firm Boston Consulting Group has released its list of the world’s most innovative companies for 2016, with tech darlings dominating. While a...


Are you worried about Facebook Marketplace? Four tips to stay competitive in e-commerce

The advent of Facebook Marketplace probably didn't have too many business owners sweating. The social media integrated eBay-like offering was only launched in October...
Mark Zuckerberg


Could Mark Zuckerberg run for US President?

Billionaire Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg wouldn't be a ridiculous choice for the President of the United States, some say. After all, rumoured candidates for...
Job applicants

recruitment and hiring

40% of small business are looking for new staff in 2017: Make sure you’ve got the right attitude to hiring

Recruiting new talent is often an area SME owners struggle with, and a recent report reveals many will be wrestling with the task of finding...

Social Media

Instagram introduces ads on its Stories video feature, giving Snapchat a run for its money

The rapidly growing world of social media advertising is about to get a bit bigger, after Instagram today revealed it will begin inserting advertising...


Fake Australia Post email puts thousands of inboxes at risk of malware

Business operators and shoppers who might still be expecting parcels from Christmas and Boxing Day sales are being targeted by an email scam that...
coffee cup


Muzz Buzz “sticky boy” advertisement pulled for “inappropriate behaviour” and “bullying”

Experts say an ad for coffee chain Muzz Buzz that was banned by the Advertising Standards Board (ASB) after complaints about its "creepy overtones" was created...


Smart toasters and “airport birds”: Your guide to the weird and wonderful gadgets of CES 2017

Each year, the world's most innovative companies come together under one roof for a four-day techfest, intended to showcase the most groundbreaking developments in...

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Webinar: Enabling Healthy and Safe Workplaces


Did you know that every employee – owner, manager or otherwise – has a duty to manage work health and safety risks, and enable a...
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