Dominic Powell

Dominic Powell

Dominic Powell is a journalist at SmartCompany and a tech and music geek. When he’s not writing, you can find him reading or browsing record shops.
Man looking at his mobile


Google Maps now lets your customers save their favourite locations and share them with friends

Savvy small businesses now have another opportunity to stick in the minds of their customers, thanks to the latest feature to be added to...
Richard Branson’s three key lessons from his own startup failures

Business Advice

Richard Branson on the most important skill any entrepreneur can have

Virgin Airlines founder and influential entrepreneur Richard Branson believes there are certain skills and abilities that put successful entrepreneurs ahead of the pack. Establishing yourself...
BlackBerry Classic launches in Australia


Blackberry’s share of the global smartphone market drops to 0% as the company makes software its focus

While many SME owners may fondly remember the heydey of Blackberry phones, recent research reveals the company's days of being a major player in the...

recruitment and hiring

Facebook introduces job listing feature targeted at SMEs searching for quality talent

Businesses might soon be updating job listings with a quick post on Facebook, with the social network this week revealing it will be adding a job ad feature to...


How this small business owner “hacked” UberEATS to benefit his business—and his wallet

A savvy small business owner has converted a website, some free advertising coupons, and $1.24, into over $1000 of free food from UberEATS—and some...
Nokia 3310 phone


Nokia will re-release its iconic “brick” phone and fans are rejoicing

Once, in a time long past, mobile phones were built with batteries that lasted for weeks, LCD plastic screens, and virtually indestructible bodies. Sure they...
watching TV

Social Media

Facebook unveils a standalone app to bring videos to your TV

Not being satisfied with its presence on your phone, watch, laptop, and tablet, social media giant Facebook will soon be coming to your TV. The company...

Business Advice

Apple’s new TV show will see Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba tell developers if their app ideas are good or bad

Being told the iPhone app you created has no potential would be a soul-crushing and sobering experience for hopeful entrepreneurs, so why not broadcast that...


Companies will soon be required to notify customers and Privacy Commissioner of data breaches

Companies that are turning over more than $3 million a year will soon be obliged to report data breaches to both the Privacy Commissioner...

Business Advice

Is Valentine’s Day losing its appeal for customers? How to position your SME for special events

While some may say an SME owner’s true love is their business, recognising the love of others on Valentine's Day could lead to happier customers...

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Is the age of ownership over?


Owning a car, house or designer bag has always been a big financial commitment, but once upon a time it was a commitment people...
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