Dominic Powell

Dominic Powell

Dominic Powell is a journalist at SmartCompany and a tech and music geek. When he’s not writing, you can find him reading or browsing record shops.


Medibank server glitch will delay tax returns for 3.8 million Australians: How businesses should respond to a crisis

Due to a massive server glitch, Australian health insurance giant Medibank will be unable to send out end-of-financial-year payment statements to customers before July...


Metcash agrees to “undertakings” as ACCC asks industry for feedack on proposed Mitre 10 and Home Timber and Hardware merger

Metcash has provided a series of undertakings to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission that it will not seek to control how much stock...


Why this Brisbane cafe isn’t taking cash

A Brisbane café has become one of the first cafes in Australia to adopt an entirely cashless payment model. The café is one of Pablo...


How former rugby star Sean Garlick created Garlo’s Pies, a $15 million family business

Sean Garlick started Garlo’s Pies with his family in 2000, when his brother Nathan was inspired the family to open their own pie shop....


Election uncertainty leads to drop in retail sales

The Coalition had attempted to reinforce stability and confidence throughout its election campaign but the Australian people appear to have not taken that to...


Training provider fined $18,000 after taking cash from small businesses and leaving them high and dry

A Brisbane woman has been fined a cumulative $18,000 for charging small businesses for training workshops but never providing the service. Sole proprietor Helen Kathryne...


Bentley Motors forced to pull high-speed ad

Bentley Motors has been forced to pull an online advertisement, after the advertising watchdog sided with a complaint that said the commercial "glorifies speed". The...
parliament house


Election 2016: The current state of play

As the dust settles after the voting frenzy of the weekend, many voters' minds are turning to what happens next. According to the AEC’s tally...


What Tom Szaky has learnt from turning worm poo into TerraCycle, an $18 million recycling company

Tom Szaky’s company TerraCycle may be turning over millions of dollars a year, but cash is not the only thing the business is turning...


Shark Tank recap: Joanne Bowskill and Holly Boal hope to Get Kids Cooking by scoring $150k deal with Glen Richards

Another round of excited pitchers did their best to impress the sharks on last night's episode of Channel Ten's Shark Tank, with business ideas...

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