Dominic Powell

Dominic Powell

Dominic Powell is a journalist at SmartCompany and a tech and music geek. When he’s not writing, you can find him reading or browsing record shops.

recruitment and hiring

Small business raises eyebrows with job ad saying “bogans need not apply”

A small business has prompted debate with a job advertisement specifically noting “bogans or rough people need not apply”. The ad, posted on classified board Gumtree,...
Small business owner

Business Advice

One in six Australians want to start a business, but they’d prefer to be called “entrepreneurs”

A survey of 2,000 Australians has revealed a large cohort that want to start their own businesses—although they might not want to be called...

Business Advice

Cold emailing? Here are the best sign-offs to make sure you get a response

The days of the business "cold call" is coming to an end, with "cold emailing" taking over as a way to make new connections. This can be a...
Atlassian co-founders

recruitment and hiring

Atlassian named among Australia’s top 10 graduate employers for 2017

Australian tech success story Atlassian is one of the best employers of university graduates in 2017, according to the Australian Association of Graduate Employers...

professional development

How to change your mindset and get better at the things you care about

Hard work is not a foreign concept for many SME owners, but there's nothing worse than devoting time and energy into performing at a...
Small Biz Minister Philip Dalidakis at Small Biz Festival Launch


Victorian small business minister Philip Dalidakis “working tirelessly” to stamp out late payments to SMEs

Victorian small business minister Philip Dalidakis says he is working "tirelessly" to address the growing problem of late payments to SMEs and want to...
Trump victory speech


Trump slams Nordstrom for dropping his daughter’s fashion line: How should your business interact with politics?

Newly-elected US President Donald Trump is no stranger to publicly expressing his displeasure, and this time US retailer Nordstrom is in his crosshairs. Taking to...


International clothing retailer sets up shop in Melbourne amid tough times for local fashion outlets

Boutique US clothing retailer Rag & Bone will open a Melbourne store next month, becoming the latest in a long line of international clothing...

Social Media

YouTube rolls out mobile live streaming to users with over 10,000 subscribers

While live streaming on the go through platforms like Facebook and Twitter has taken off over the past year, YouTube has been a little late...
Should Australia have a “Warren Buffett tax rule” to target the rich?

Business Advice

Buffett’s breakfast: How the billionaire’s morning meal is decided by the stock market

For breakfast, SME owners might enjoy a bowl of cereal, or perhaps a slice or two of toast. Whatever the dish, the food is...

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Upskilling is key to job security


Is Australia facing a skills shortage? According to a recent Manpower Group survey of more than 1500 companies, 38% of respondents reported challenges filling...
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