Fi Bendall

Fi Bendall

Fi Bendall is CEO of The Bendalls Group, a business that leads STRATEGY : ADVOCACY : MOBILE delivering the business acumen to drive effective positive results in a disruptive economy for the C-suite. Fi has recently won a Westpac/AFR 2015 100 Women of Influence award.

Social Media

How Snapchat became the darling of next gen social media

While Facebook still looks unassailable as the king of the social media world, Snapchat has emerged as the scrappy younger cousin with a mind...


Five quotes from business leaders that will make you think deeply about the future

Business leaders, especially those in tech, like to do a bit of crystal ball gazing and what they sometimes predict can be pretty eye-opening...

Emerging Technology

What’s blockchain and does it matter beyond fintech?

One of the hottest topics in tech and innovation over the past year has been blockchain technology. Blockchain is shaking up the global fintech...


Five quick and easy innovation hacks for your business

Creativity and innovation don't have to cost a fortune in R&D. If you can create the type of culture in your business that values risk-taking,...

Social Media

The age of social and the rise of @POTUS

Amid the controversy and rancor that has marked the 2016 US election, the machinery of administration and government has had to carry on serving...


SME opportunities abound in the digital disruption landscape

Last week, I wrote about why businesses have to worry about more than just their direct competitors in this age of Uber-inspired category disruption. The...


It’s not your competitors you have to worry about

We've moved away from a world of certainties where you kept an eye on three or four main competitors in your industry niche, and...


How fast is fast when it comes to technology and behaviour?

I still pinch myself remembering not so long ago being stuck to the phone on a wall or side table, with my mother listening,...


Turning brand advocates into community builders

We’ve all heard the quotes and statistics about how much harder it is to acquire customers as opposed to retain them. One source says...

Business Advice

Is confirmation bias stopping you from seeing the truth about your business?

Your decision-making process may well be the undoing of your business, and you might not even realise it. Whether you make decisions about strategy quickly...

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Why the cloud is not just a buzzword


‘The cloud’ - it’s the buzz term that has been making its rounds. As a business owner, you’re most likely already utilising the cloud,...
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