Fi Bendall

Fi Bendall

Fi Bendall is CEO of The Bendalls Group, a business that leads STRATEGY : ADVOCACY : MOBILE delivering the business acumen to drive effective positive results in a disruptive economy for the C-suite. Fi has recently won a Westpac/AFR 2015 100 Women of Influence award.

Social Media

Ten things not to do on social media

We’ve been living in a social world for more than a decade now but plenty of people, and businesses, still seem to be getting...


How a clever YouTube video set this business on the path to riches

Even if you’re not a member of the Dollar Shave Club, you probably recall the stir the brand made when it launched its product...

Business Advice

Five great learning resources for SMEs that won’t bust the budget

One of the great things about the internet is that you can learn so much while spending so little money—which is perfect for small...


Gen Z: Four things you need to know about marketing to the first truly digital generation

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Four Google resources every SME should know about

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Social Media

How Snapchat became the darling of next gen social media

While Facebook still looks unassailable as the king of the social media world, Snapchat has emerged as the scrappy younger cousin with a mind...


Five quotes from business leaders that will make you think deeply about the future

Business leaders, especially those in tech, like to do a bit of crystal ball gazing and what they sometimes predict can be pretty eye-opening...

Emerging Technology

What’s blockchain and does it matter beyond fintech?

One of the hottest topics in tech and innovation over the past year has been blockchain technology. Blockchain is shaking up the global fintech...


Five quick and easy innovation hacks for your business

Creativity and innovation don't have to cost a fortune in R&D. If you can create the type of culture in your business that values risk-taking,...

Social Media

The age of social and the rise of @POTUS

Amid the controversy and rancor that has marked the 2016 US election, the machinery of administration and government has had to carry on serving...

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Is the age of ownership over?


Owning a car, house or designer bag has always been a big financial commitment, but once upon a time it was a commitment people...
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