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Behavioural Economics

Joining the dots to change behaviour

Without the micro-moments, there is no behaviour change. by Bri Williams

Three tips that will see you win big

Here are three hot tips to help you improve your odds of success when it comes to persuading customers. by Bri Williams

To kick goals in business, forget rationality

Imagine you are taking a penalty kick in a World Cup final. There are two things standing in your way of kicking the ball into the back of the net: the goalie and your nerve. by Bri Williams

Does it make sense to use cents in pricing?

Decimal points, commas, rounded figures: what effect do these elements have on your customer's perception of price? by Bri Williams

Rip up the grass if you want a better business

Sticking with the status quo can often lead us down the wrong garden path. by Bri Williams

How not to talk about yourself being number two

There’s a strange TV ad airing at the moment which is ringing behavioural alarm bells. Here’s why. by Bri Williams

The dirty little secret of customer insights

When James Dyson was pitching his new vacuum cleaner with its revolutionary clear plastic container, retailers warned him off, telling him that no one wants to see dirt. by Bri Williams

Stop wasting money on motivating your customers

“If you don’t believe, you don’t act.” So said a well-known motivational speaker at a recent seminar I attended. But it’s far from the whole story and here’s why. by Bri Williams

Four questions to answer any behavioural challenge

The beauty of boiling things down to these four questions is that it can help tackle any issue you might have. by Bri Williams

There’s a little bit of bad in all of us

Does it matter if you fudge the truth a little with your customers? by Bri Williams

The strangeness of consumer decision-making

So this shopper visited a well-known retailer looking to buy an Apple TV. by Bri Williams

How quitting is good business: Sarah Wilson's sweet deal

If you think getting a customer to buy something is hard, how about getting almost half a million people to stop using something they have grown up with? by Bri Williams

Two stumbling blocks when trying to persuade customers

When you stop to think about it, everything in business boils down to influencing people to change their behaviour. by Bri Williams

Why you should ignore what customers say they want

If my previous life as a product manager taught me anything, it was to largely ignore what people told me they wanted. by Bri Williams

Getting the horse to drink – how to increase website conversion

SEO is all well and good, but you then have to convert those new website visitors into sales. by Bri Williams

Using points of positive friction to engage your customer

Adding points of friction to a process can be a clever way of coaxing customers to think your way. by Bri Williams

How to stop struggling to explain why you are different

You know your business is different, but still can't find the words to tell people exactly why. by Bri Williams

Why habit is the key to better living

Want a tip on how to be more productive? To sleep better? To feel your best? Of course you do. We all do. by Bri Williams

This business nails all the ingredients of a behaviourally effective website

It is a real pleasure when I stumble across a business that has nailed its website’s behavioural effectiveness. by Bri Williams

A behavioural perspective on the budget’s $6 GP fee

The federal government is expected in tomorrow’s budget to introduce a $6 fee for visits to the doctor. by Bri Williams
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