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Influencers & Profiles

How Dan Kerr helped grow into a $1.8 million business directory, after it took three months to land the first customer

The co-founders of had worked a number of different sales jobs before the temptation to strike out on their own took hold. Having...

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How a perfect storm helped fuel the growth of million-dollar sunscreen brand Solar D

The team at sunscreen manufacturer Solar D chose just the right time to start chasing the licensing for a sunblock formula that still allows Vitamin...

Influencers & Profiles

How the founder of $13.5 million pet food company 4Legs started his career selling drinking straws

Pet food producer 4Legs has been able to capitalise on the rise of Australia’s love of pets, manufacturing wholesome dog food that you see...
Jaimes Leggett M&C Saatchi

Influencers & Profiles

Why the local chief of $300 million global ad giant M&C Saatchi says tall poppy syndrome doesn’t really exist in Australia

In December, the Australian arm of global advertising giant M&C Saatchi unveiled a collaboration between NRMA and "innovation" operation Tricky Jigsaw to create a...

Influencers & Profiles for kids co-founder Dannielle Michaels on why the $5.7 million business has done away with five-year plans

The founders of this year’s Smart50 Top Exporter Award winner, baby products business for kids, have told SmartCompany in the past about how...
Nicki Wright Australian Skin Clinics

Influencers & Profiles

Why the chief executive of $40 million business Australian Skin Clinics had to learn about makeup before taking on the top job

Australian Skin Clinics has been in action for 20 years since it came onto the scene as Queensland's first "medi-aesthetic" spa in 1996. But it's...
Annex Products

Influencers & Profiles

Why the team behind Quad Lock phone products has stayed small despite 200% growth and $8.8 million in sales

The team behind Quad Lock—the phone mount and case products that keep cyclists close to their devices at all times—has recently added a couple...

Influencers & Profiles

Why founder of global digital agency The Marketing Group thinks the economy doesn’t support the value of small businesses

Entrepreneur Jeremy Harbour saw an opportunity to fix just one of the areas of the SME community that was “broken” last year - and his...

Influencers & Profiles

“Uni makes you risk averse”: Why the founder of $6 million furniture retailer Lounge Lovers regrets he didn’t strike out on his own sooner

It’s been a steep learning curve for the team at Lounge Lovers, but what started as an online-only furniture sales portal in 2011 is...

Influencers & Profiles

“It took me a while to get my head out of my own arse”: Why the co-founder of million-dollar video startup Shootsta started a brand new business

Video is hard to get right – business owners know it, and so do content producers. As the race to capture customers becomes increasingly...

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