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female entrepreneur

Don't let guilt drag down your business career

Female guilt is real. It is the reason why so many women don't become as successful as they could be in business. by Amanda Rose

Five lessons on how women can become great leaders

Great leadership is having the confidence and courage to lead with conviction in pursuit of what's best for all – not what's best for the few. by Sally-Ann Ernst

Charitable giving enriches more than just the recipient

The benefits of charity can be felt by more than just those who receive it. by Naomi Simson

Nine life lessons distilled from 770 blog posts

What are the life and lessons to be distilled from my time as a blogger? Here are nine. by Naomi Simson

My first job: Going from bad to worse

Your first job can make a big impact on how you approach the rest of your working life. by Naomi Simson

Innovation tapping into global trends

Innovation often comes from keeping an eye on what's happening around the world. by Naomi Simson

It’s in the BHAG! Setting big goals keeps you motivated – but make them realistic too

Forget about celebrating birthdays – it time to planning for your next BHAG day! by Naomi Simson

The growth addiction: What's the fuel that grows your business?

Is it healthy for a business to be addicted to growth? Or should other considerations take precedence? by Naomi Simson

The power of numbers and why lists of 10 are perfect

These days, so many blog posts and articles are headed with something like ‘the top five lessons…’ or ‘the 12 ways to fix…’. But can they really give us the perfect answer to our questions? by Naomi Simson

The time I replaced myself as CEO

The hardest hire is the one that replaces you. People wonder how I achieved this and it simply comes down to one word – trust. by Naomi Simson

Internships: Exploitation or creating valuable ambassadors?

Many young people are too timid to ask to be paid, but it is the role of employers to protect our brands, to treat interns with respect and to develop wonderful future employees. by Naomi Simson

This experiment touched, moved and inspired me

When my colleague sent me this video, the simplicity of its message moved me. It is absolutely worth a few moments of your time in order to experience a wonderful source of happiness, even for the grumpiest of souls. by Naomi Simson

What can we believe in?

At the very core of what it is to be human is our need to belong. That is how we connect to others, our community, family, sporting teams, companies or country, to name a few. by Naomi Simson

Four essentials for a 'good' day at work

Over the years we have conducted many surveys of Australian employees, each attracting thousands of responses. This gives us a fascinating insight into the beliefs, trends and thoughts of Australians at work. by Naomi Simson

The great untapped lever to drive growth

The driver to real growth in your business might be right under your nose. by Naomi Simson

Three steps to pay equality for women

Gender pay equality won't happen until business owners and managers take practical steps to make it happen. by Naomi Simson

Can money buy you happiness – at work?

A team-building exercise that's really special can go a long way to forging new bonds. by Naomi Simson

What inspires me: Please tell me I can't

What inspires me is simply when the 'impossible becomes possible' – to tackle a problem and never give up, no matter how challenging. by Naomi Simson

Never let the facts get in the way of a good beat up

It's always worth remembering that a story can be spun in many directions, regardless of the truth at hand. by Naomi Simson

Do you have a fear of missing out?

Are we so busy staying connected that we have disconnected? by Naomi Simson
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