Small business owner


Mastering the basics of cashflow: Six tips for keeping your business on track

Running your own business brings with it a unique set of challenges, especially once you grow from sole trader to employer. The biggest of...
Yume founder Katy Barfield


Fairfax family and major investors inject $2.6 million into Melbourne-based food waste startup Yume

A Melbourne-founded startup that is using an online marketplace to reduce tonnes of food waste across Australia has secured $2.6 million in funding from...
Anne Scott Kate Carnell ASBFEO


Banks urged to act to rebuild trust with SMEs after review of Code of Practice

Australian Small Business Ombudsman Kate Carnell says that if Australian banks don’t adopt recommendations made off the back of a number of recent inquiries...
Small businesses claim $418 million from $20,000 asset write-off scheme


Would tax cuts for new businesses be more likely to boost “jobs and growth”?

By Saul Eslake, University of Tasmania The Turnbull government’s signature economic policy at last year’s election was a 5% cut in the company tax rate, over...


Here’s what Australia’s new $10 note will look like

SMEs will soon be seeing a new style of banknote coming through their tills, with the Reserve Bank of Australia unveiling the new design...
cafe hospitality


The Australian regions with the fastest growing consumer spending revealed

Customer spending is growing faster in regional areas than in big Australian cities, and businesses that operate pubs and accommodation services have benefited from...
Business owner planning


Cashflow concerns top of mind as SMEs look to invest in growth

Australian businesses are keen to take on growth projects, particularly when it comes to integrating new technology, but concerns around cashflow and late payments continue...
Travelshoot founders with Anna Rooke and Steve Baxter


Steve Baxter leads $500,000 investment in Gold Coast-based travel photography startup Travelshoot

Shark Tank judge Steve Baxter has led a $500,000 investment in a Gold Coast startup that is taking on the global tourism industry by...
Petrol pump


How big petrol retailers pushed prices up in Perth

By David Byrne, University of Melbourne Big petrol retailers are pushing the price of petrol up by communicating through prices and while this is technically legal,...
Nura co-founders Kyle Slater and Dragan Petrovic


Melbourne startup Nura raises $6 million to take its custom headphones to the world

A Melbourne-founded startup that builds headphones that customise sound for each listener has raised $6 million from major investors to bring its product to...

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Ebook: Talking tech: How SMEs use technology


For so long, the word “technology” represented something distant. It was inaccessible. Now technology runs everything we do. By analysing the activity in the businesses...
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