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Franchise tips and trends

Franchise business plans are worthless without monitoring

Everybody knows that business plans are essential to prepare for the future success of a business. by Jason Gehrke

Bikie gangs versus franchising: Similarities and differences

Both bikie gangs and franchise networks would be unrecognisable without brands. But are there other similarities between the two? by Jason Gehrke

The short journey from dynamic entrepreneur to capricious tyrant

The more successful the business becomes, the more likely the founder will want to continue in the role of leader. But business owners, like politicians, often fail to realise when they are past their use-by date. by Jason Gehrke

A franchise warning: Act in haste, repent at leisure

Commonly, the undue haste of a potential franchisee – particularly one who is not currently employed – can lead to fundamental due diligence factors being overlooked. by Jason Gehrke

Franchisors face greater penalties under Code changes accepted by government

The ACCC will have increased powers under changes being made to the Franchising Code of Conduct. by Jason Gehrke

Can Rudd’s return as PM provide certainty for franchising?

Kevin Rudd’s comeback as Prime Minister could provide certainty for the franchise sector if he can defer an election long enough for parliament to consider changes to the Franchising Code of Conduct and related legislation. by Jason Gehrke

The seven essential elements of respect in a successful franchise relationship

Couples celebrating their golden wedding anniversary often state the secret to a long marriage is communication. by Jason Gehrke

Review raises more questions: Government releases 176-question Franchising Code consultation paper

The review into the Franchising Code of Conduct has progressed to the next stage with the federal government issuing a complex consultation paper seeking responses to six times as many questions as appeared in the Code review's original discussion paper. by Jason Gehrke

How will major changes to the Franchising Code affect the sector?

The recent release of the Review of the Franchising Code of Conduct provides a valuable insight into what the future of franchising in Australia might look like. by Jason Gehrke

Why mediation works to resolve franchise disputes

Mediation to resolve franchise disputes has been a core component of the Franchising Code of Conduct since its introduction, and yet it still draws criticism from time to time among franchisees, franchisors and even service providers who claim the outcomes are unsatisfactory. by Jason Gehrke

Franchise sector awaits code review recommendations

The review into the Franchise Code has seen a range of views, both positive and negative, expressed in submissions. by Jason Gehrke

How failed growth expectations destroy credibility

Recent news from the Byron Bay Cookie Company highlighted the potential problems that come when expectations fail to be met. by Jason Gehrke

Why franchise education is essential to improving business outcomes

The current review of the Franchise Code may not be able to cover some of the less tangible elements that go into franchising decisions. by Jason Gehrke

What marriage can learn from franchising

Found out something bad about your spouse straight after the wedding? Too bad you don’t have the cooling-off period that franchisees have. by Jason Gehrke

Can franchisees be better brand custodians than franchisors?

Franchisees are usually quick to apply peer pressure to those among their number who they feel are jeopardising the brand. by Jason Gehrke

The good and bad of franchise rebates

When are rebates appropriate and for what reasons should they be granted? by Jason Gehrke

It's the small things that make the big differences

Australian retailers might want to look at how their American counterparts are dealing with a serious economic downturn. by Jason Gehrke

10 ways to maximise franchisee engagement

Getting franchisees in a chain to sing the same marketing song can be tough, but there are ways to harmonise the approach. by Jason Gehrke

Lifting the franchisee performance ceiling

Overcoming franchisee complacency is a major challenge for many franchise systems. by Jason Gehrke

Four big franchising trends to watch

A close look at the Australian franchise market reveals four big trends that will drive franchising over the next few years. by Jason Gehrke
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