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todayWednesday, 7 October 2015

Canva raises $US15 million: Melanie Perkins reveals the next product and what’s important in growing a business

Canva co-founder Melanie Perkins says she “absolutely” never imagined the day would come that Hollywood stars Woody Harrelson and Owen Wilson would invest in her company. by Eloise Keating

todayWednesday, 7 October 2015

How acting like a startup led to a NZ snack company being sold for $641 million

Griffin’s Food, New Zealand’s biggest snack food company, utilised lean startup methodologies to quickly and effectively launch a new product in China. by Denham Sadler

Naomi Simson’s RedBalloon launches Redii, a stand-alone business for founders to reward employees

Online gift retailer RedBalloon will this week launch a stand-alone rewards platform in a bid to help small business owners easily reward staff and boost morale. by Broede Carmody

yesterdayTuesday, 6 October 2015

Boxing match: Noodle Box grows to over 100 stores in Australia as it snaps up competitor Wok in a Box

Fast food chain Noodle Box will soon operate more than 100 outlets across the country after the company acquires its largest competitor, Wok in a Box. by Eloise Keating

What you need to know to growth hack like a pro

Growth hacking is a relatively new term on the marketing landscape, but if you’re looking for serious growth on the cheap, it could be worth a shot. by Nina Hendy

Running out of heart, not money, the cause of startup failure: Christina Wodtke

Silicon Valley startup consultant Christina Wodtke says she’s seen more startups fail because they’ve forgotten what’s important rather than have just run out of money. by Denham Sadler

Monday, 5 October 2015

Some cafes may have opened but new public holiday hurt SMEs : “It penalises small services businesses”

Extra public holidays hit SMEs in the professional services industry particularly hard during the past week. by Broede Carmody

Fields of dreams: How independent grocer LaManna Direct is taking on the supermarket big boys

"It was a big risk that my old man took and a lot of people said he was nuts trying to take on Coles and Woolies and do something as big as this." by Engel Schmidl

Friday, 2 October 2015

Footy stars who kick goals in the business world

Ahead of tomorrow's AFL grand final we look at some of the most interesting football-to-business ventures in recent times. by Melinda Oliver
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