electricity pylons

Privatisation is lifting prices and hurting the economy: ACCC chief Rod Sims

The privatisation of public assets is “severely damaging” the Australian economy by lifting prices and hampering productivity, according to Australian Competition and Consumer Commission...

NSW retains number one spot in state economy rankings: Report

New South Wales is still the best-performing economy, according to the latest installment of CommSec’s biannual State of the States report. CommSec ranked NSW ahead...

Wowed by Wagga: A visit to the leading regional startup hub

By Monica Wulff As a city kid growing up I thought of Wagga Wagga as one of those far off places in NSW. These days Wagga’s getting...
Business partners

Australian household incomes and wealth stall, as the divide between the young and old grows

By Roger Wilkins, University of Melbourne Poverty in Australia has declined, welfare reliance has stabilised and long-term poverty is becoming rare - but overall economic wellbeing...
Malcolm Turnbull

Australia could be about to lose its AAA credit rating and here’s why

By Ross Guest, Griffith University Australia’s AAA credit rating was under pressure even before the election and is now looking decidedly shaky. Ratings agency Standard &...
stock market

How the uncertain election result may lead to stagnant financial markets

By Lee Smales, Curtin University For the second time in the space of ten days, it appears that betting markets and pollsters have got it wrong....
Worried man

Black market jobs cost Australia billions and youth are at the coalface

By Shirley Jackson, University of Melbourne Young people, job creation and taxation have all been at the centre of the federal election campaign; yet almost nothing...
David Cameron

Brexit: Three possible scenarios for global economy growth

By Martin Fowler As the shockwaves of Brexit reverberated around the globe, criticisms of the United Kingdom's decision have been widespread, but often ignore some...

Brexit: Will Australia and New Zealand team up for trade negotiations with Britain?

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has given a strong indication that Australia and New Zealand could work together when it comes to dealing with the...
Brexit flags

Six things you need to know about the Brexit fallout

Britain shocked the world on Friday when the nation made a momentous decision to leave the European Union. While the ramifications of the outcome of...
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