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THE LIGHTER SIDE: Bodyform Maxi Pads responds to a Facebook rant

After a comedic rant on Bodyform Maxi Pads’ Facebook page went viral on Oct. 8th, the US-based sanitary napkin company has responded with a YouTube video.

The company created a fictional CEO who apologised to the poster, Richard Neill, after reading his rant against the company’s “deceptive” sanitary napkin commercials.

The faux-CEO, Caroline Williams, was ironically apologetic.

“We lied to you, Richard. And I want to say sorry…. in the past, we tried to be more honest with our approach,” says Williams.

{qtube vid:=Bpy75q2DDow}

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Cara Waters

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Cara Waters is the editor of SmartCompany. Previously, Cara was a senior reporter at the Financial Times website FT Adviser in London and she also worked for The Sunday Times in London.
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