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Raising the bar: How Drew Davies created Kubarz, a $1.5 million mobile bar franchise

Drew Davies always thought his mobile bar business had the potential to be a great franchise network. But it took the 35-year-old Sydneysider almost 10 years to get there. by Eloise Keating

The smell of success: How Gavin Gam is taking Aroma Coffee to the masses

Gavin Gam believes all businesses have a responsibility to give back to the community - a philosophy holding the 48-year-old Sydneysider in good stead as he ramps up the expansion of Aroma Coffee. by Eloise Keating

Chinese restaurant considers legal action after newspaper claimed it charged non-Asian customers higher prices

A Chinese restaurant in Sydney is considering legal action after a newspaper published a story which claimed it charged higher prices for non-Chinese customers. by Broede Carmody

Black Swan deal worth $115 million for new owner Monde Nissin

Filipino food powerhouse Monde Nissin Corporation’s acquisition of Australian dip producer Black Swan was worth $115 million. by Eloise Keating

Fish and chip shops struggling to net good trading conditions

The humble fish and chip shop could be in trouble as consumers flock to alternative take-away options. by Broede Carmody

Urban Burger business flipped to unknown buyer, some stores close while others rebrand

The Urban Burger fast food chain has been sold to an unnamed burger franchise operator, as a number of Urban Burger stores close their doors. by Eloise Keating

Melbourne businessman creates retail platform for local producers to cut out the middle men

Local wine, cheese and olive producers are the first to start using a direct-to-public online store designed by Melbourne technology entrepreneur John Cameron. by Eloise Keating

ACCC cracks alleged egg cartel wide open

The ACCC has scrambled the plans of an alleged egg cartel, launching legal action yesterday against the Australian Egg Corporation Ltd and several of its directors and associated companies. by Kirsten Robb

Rich List family behind Australia’s 7-Eleven snaps up Starbucks

The wealthy family behind Australia’s 7-Eleven convenience stores, the Withers, have scooped up the 24 struggling Australian Starbucks stores for an undisclosed sum. by Kirsten Robb

Sour milk: what your business can learn from Parmalat’s PR campaign to discredit rival A2 Milk

Italian-owned milk company Parmalat hired a Sydney-based public relations firm to discredit New Zealand company A2 in a bid to stop the rival’s growing market share in Australia, according to news reports. by Eloise Keating

Four key tips for running a successful social enterprise

A growing number of businesses in Australia are now social enterprises, created to solve social and environmental problems. With the number of such ventures booming by 37% in just five years, here are four ways to ensure they’re sustainable. by Broede Carmody

Organic sales to hit $1 billion: How SMEs are digging in

The appetite for organic products continues to increase in Australia with industry revenue forecast to reach $980.6 million by 2018-19. by Cara Waters

Big Sister bakes last cake for now as 69-year-old food manufacturing company collapses

A NSW food manufacturing company that has operated since 1945 has collapsed. by Eloise Keating

Why Heston Blumenthal stuck knife into local Melbourne café: Fat Duck to open in Melbourne

Chef Heston Blumenthal is closing his famous UK restaurant The Fat Duck for renovations and relocating the restaurant and its staff to Melbourne for six months. by Melinda Oliver

New Zealand burger chain scores $5.9 million US investment

New Zealand burger chain BurgerFuel Worldwide has secured a $NZ5.9 million ($A5.5m) investment from US company Franchise Brands. by Cara Waters

Crying baby at Michelin star restaurant Alinea sparks debate – should they be allowed?

An eight-month-old crying baby at three Michelin star restaurant Alinea in Chicago has sparked debate about whether small children should be allowed in dining venues. by Melinda Oliver

Business groups call for moderation on minimum wage increases

Business groups are calling for a cautious approach to minimum wage rate increases this year, reflective of the tough economic conditions still faced by many sectors. by Yolanda Redrup

Burger ad banned for being “exploitative and degrading”

A magazine advertisement by Bondi-based Goodtime Burgers featuring a burger in between a woman’s bottom cheeks has been banned for being “exploitative and degrading”. by Yolanda Redrup

Victorian pubs and bars least compliant, amid hundreds of thousands of dollars in back-pay awarded nationally

Victoria is the least compliant state when it comes to workplace practices in pubs, bars, taverns and accommodation businesses, the Fair Work Ombudsman has found. by Melinda Oliver

How I sold Crust for $41 million: Costa Anastasiadis’s eight lessons

Last year, pizza chain Crust was sold to Retail Food Group for $41 million, but it wasn’t an easy road. Founder Costa Anastasiadis shares his eight best lessons for success based on 12 years in business. by Yolanda Redrup
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