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Data interrupted: Could you get hacked like Sony?

So now that we all know Angelina Jolie is apparently a “minimally talented, spoiled brat”, my final word for 2014 is to watch your back! by David Markus

Telstra wins, we all lose in NBN deal

We’ll get the broadband network we can afford — and unfortunately, we can’t afford much. by Paddy Manning

Crowdfunding can have tax consequences

Crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter are a great way for growing businesses to raise some much-needed capital. However, there are tax issues you need to be aware of. by Terry Hayes

Click Frenzy’s back: Will it avoid internet melt down this time?

As Click Frenzy launches for its third year tonight, its organisers are hoping it’s a case of third time’s a charm for the beleaguered online shopping event. by Kirsten Robb

iiNet embroiled in new wave of litigation, this time with Oscar-winning film Dallas Buyers Club

iiNet, Amnet, Dodo and Wideband have been hit by another round of litigation. by Cara Waters

Five essentials for taking your business online

In this day and age every business needs a website. Here are some things to keep in mind so that your journey into the online sphere isn’t a flop. by Broede Carmody

Google boosts search ranking for encrypted websites

Improving your website's security can actually help bring in new business, as Google search results start giving preference to sites employing encryption. by David Hancock

How to make your content cut-through the clutter: Hint, it’s not about you

When it comes to content marketing and online newsletters, the secret to success is to place the focus on your customers’ needs, rather than your business. by Craig Reardon

Cyber security attacks increased by 48%: PwC research

The number of reported cyber security incidents globally has increased 48% to 42.8 million in 2013, according to a PwC report released today. by Cara Waters

How to get your hashtag to trend

Virality is an art and a science with a huge amount of luck thrown in for good measure - but these guidelines will give your marketing a much greater chance of of going viral. by Gina Lednyak and Dave Bonouvrie

Your deepest intentions exposed and for sale

The way we search and terms we use are all insights into our intentions, our feelings and our desired purchases. The big tech giants now know more about us than our family and friends. by Fi Bendall

Domain name scams continue to take SMEs for a ride

Don’t let inattention to detail get you burnt. by Craig Reardon

Telstra asks small businesses to hand over their Wi-Fi for hot spots

Small businesses will be able to use Telstra’s $100 million national public Wi-Fi network to provide free internet to their customers. by Kirsten Robb

The beginner’s guide to small business broadband in Australia

Especially if you aren’t tech savvy, setting up a broadband connection for your first shop or office can be a nightmare. Here’s a handy guide to getting a fixed broadband connection for your business. by Andrew Sadauskas

The fine art of spontaneous social networking

A well-timed post on social media can make your cash register ring. by Craig Reardon

Why I’m creating a separate profile to conduct business on Facebook

The case for a separate Facebook profile for business use. by Craig Reardon

Will the internet of things break the 'break-fix' business model?

A once profitable way of doing business is coming to an end. by Paul Wallbank

PayPal launches new campaign helping SMEs improve their digital know-how

Australian small businesses are set to benefit from the third instalment of PayPal’s Driving Business Online campaign, as new research reveals digital literacy among SMEs remains low. by Yolanda Redrup

Australian consumers more knowledgeable than ever on privacy

Australians are more knowledgeable than ever about their privacy rights – and businesses are at risk of losing customers if they underestimate just how seriously consumers take their privacy. by Patrick Stafford

BEST OF THE WEB: The inside story of how Apple made the iPhone

Ever since Steve Jobs passed away there have been plenty of stories coming out from the Apple woodwork about the entrepreneur and his dedication – bordering on obsession – to his craft. by Patrick Stafford
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