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Record breaking housing construction can't keep up with demand: BIS Shrapnel

The housing shortage is a much-lamented problem and BIS Shrapnel’s latest Building in Australia 2014-2029 report suggests that we may continue to feel its effects for some years. by Jennifer Duke

Mitigating the effect of land tax on your property assets and cash flow

Many property investors see land tax as an unavoidable evil, hard to get around and often simply the ‘price of doing business’ in this area. by Danielle Canterford

Mid-year state-by-state property markets roundup

2014 has certainly has been an interesting year for those interested in real estate. by Michael Yardney

How to use depreciation to assist your cash flow: BMT

No doubt as property investors you’re currently preparing your tax return now that the financial year has come to a close. by Jennifer Duke

Australian Significant Investor schemes caught up in possible China crackdown on money laundering

Australia’s significant investor visa scheme appears caught up in allegations by China’s state broadcaster that the Bank of China had set up a “grey channel” to get rich mainlanders’ cash out of China. by Jonathan Chancellor

The new website turning spare bedrooms into FIFO rental gold

The mining boom, and the resulting increase in fly-in fly-out (FIFO) workers, has led to housing shortages across Australia. It’s a problem an innovative new website hopes to solve – by turning spare rooms into cash. by Andrew Sadauskas

Nine reasons I’m not worried about the economy

There might be some blips and dips on the charts, but the underlying trends are strong for Australian property markets. by Michael Yardney

How to stay safe from the property sharks

When it comes to buying property we are talking about large sums of money. We are not buying lollipops. Sadly, this brings in the sharks. by Cam McLellan

11 lessons from the BRW Rich 200 list

The rich are getting richer, according to the recently released BRW Rich 200 list. by Michael Yardney

What should be done about foreign investment in Australian real estate?

Australia’s leading property experts share their opinion on what should be done about foreign investment in property. by Jessie Richardson

The end of financial year wrap: experts tip strong year ahead

The last financial year surprised many with strong economic results. by Cara Waters

How you can get the banks to lend you more on your next investment property

How would you like the banks to lend you more – maybe even enough to buy a better investment property? by Michael Yardney

Adelaide mortgage broker pleads guilty to dishonest dealings, further charges to follow

Malcolm Royce Jones, a 52 year old from Woodville North, faces fraud charges that are worth “millions” for allegedly stealing $170,000 from his clients as their mortgage broker. by Jennifer Duke

How much do you need in super to retire comfortably?

The majority of Baby Boomers don't have enough superannuation for a comfortable retirement and that’s a worry! by Michael Yardney

Construction businesses starting to multiply after dramatic drops in 2013

The number of people running businesses in the construction industry rose slightly in the year to February 2014, following a dramatic drop in the previous year. by Zoe Fielding

Don’t be lured in by “one stop shop” SMSF advisors: REBAA

Investors should seek an independent second opinion when investing their super savings in property, according to the Real Estate Buyer’s Agents Association of Australia (REBAA). by Jessie Richardson

Should men or women control the investment purse strings?

When it comes time to make big financial decisions, research consistently shows that women more frequently hold the purse strings than men. by Michael Yardney

Publicity junkies keep howling at the moon, but the property markets keep growing

The nature of Australian media makes it difficult to have a genuine debate on any subject and real estate is no different. by Terry Ryder

Do falling prices signal the end of the property cycle?

Many observers are saying it's the end of the current property cycle, but look at the figures and the longer trends before you make a definitive call. by Michael Yardney

Last month's price growth dip the first since May 2013, so RBA will be content

The RBA will be interested that national house values in May suffered their biggest fall since December 2008. by Jonathan Chancellor
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