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More home owners taking out risky interest-only loans: Moodys

The latest Structured Thinking Asia Pacific report from Moodys has pointed to the increased number of Australian owner occupier home buyers taking out interest only mortgages and the risks inherent in this decision. by Jennifer Duke

Hot air can’t bust a housing bubble that doesn’t exist

If I’ve read one story about a possible housing bust in Australia, I’ve read a hundred. by Michael Yardney

NAB misleading home loan rates in ASIC spotlight

National Australia Bank (NAB) is set to run advertisements that will correct their claims about home loan rates, after ASIC started a crackdown on false and misleading promotions in financial services. by Jennifer Duke

Here’s why Australians are once again the wealthiest people in the world

Australians have once again topped the list as the world's wealthiest people in a Credit Suisse global wealth report. by Michael Yardney

Bricks and mortar are a safe bet for investors

A question I have been asked on more than a few occasions: What are some of the real game changers that I have seen in my time selling real estate? by Robert Simeon

Aggressive bidding, not $250 bids, are needed to take auction control

I live tweeted a Coburg North auction last weekend. Bidding slowed down to increments of $250 – a strategy that was a costly mistake for the buyer. by Josh Rowe

The Block shocks – the reality of property renovations

What did we learn from the most recent season of The Block? Well, as I'm sure you all know, reality TV is not about real life. by Michael Yardney

15 steps to avoid property fraud: Office of Regulatory Services

Property fraud is one of the worst nightmares of home owners, with recent reports of unidentified third parties attempting to sell other peoples’ homes while the owner is abroad. by Jennifer Duke

What The Block’s results mean for the property market

Tasmanian brothers Simon and Shannon Vos took out the $100,000 prize at the auctions of The Block Glasshouse. by Jessie Richardson

Five lessons property investors can learn from farmers

Like farmers, smart property investors understand they must nurture and grow their portfolio. by Michael Yardney

Seven ways to improve your investment analysis

It is quite sad to see what gets promoted as 'investment' advice in the property space these days. by MICHAEL MATUSIK

The nine most overused terms in property advertisements

Here are nine real estate clichés you should try to avoid when selling your property. by Jennifer Duke

The legal tips you need to know about buying property

Spring is the peak season for real estate and many of you will be in the market to purchase a property, whether to live in or as an investment. Before you head out to an inspection, keep these tips in mind. by Kate Ashmor

What property investors need to know about impending macro-prudential controls

What exactly are macro-prudential controls and will they stop the property boom? by Michael Yardney

It's too simple to argue lack of supply pushes up house prices

There is no simple solution to the range of issues causing the housing affordability crisis. by Danika Wright

A $2,500 deposit can get you into property – but what’s the catch?

Paying just $2500 to get into property seems like a good way to buy in faster, with little cash down, and it has been making headlines this week. by Jennifer Duke

Dear Reserve Bank: Australians don't need to be reminded that prices fall

When the head boffins at the Reserve Bank deliver their sermons, saying "prices don't always rise, sometimes they fall", many Australians who don't need reminding must wonder what planet they're from. by Terry Ryder

Why café culture is a key to property success

Everyone knows that location is critical when selecting an investment property that will outperform. by Michael Yardney

Reserve Bank issues warning on property boom

The Reserve Bank has strengthened its warnings about the property frenzy in its Financial Stability Review published yesterday. by Cara Waters

Aussie's John Symond fixes his investment property mortgage rate

John Symond, the founder of Aussie Home Loans, has revealed he has taken five-year fixed loans for his Sydney investment property portfolio. by Jonathan Chancellor
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