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Diary of an entrepreneur: ZipTel founder Keaton Wallace’s business calling

ZipTel founder Keaton Wallace on growing the business he calls his “baby”, the priceless piece of advice he received from one shareholder and his plans to take ZipTel to the next level. by Kirsten Robb

How will you access the NBN if you're off the beaten track?

If your business can't hook up to the NBN via fibre, cable or copper then fixed wireless or satellite will come to the rescue. by David Hancock

Turnbull introduces surprise data retention legislation

The federal government this morning introduced legislation for a mandatory data retention scheme which requires telecommunications companies to store customers' records for two years. by Cara Waters

Small telco provider breaches consumer code 19 times

A telco provider has been slapped on the wrist by ACMA after an investigation found it had breached 19 separate clauses of the Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code. by Broede Carmody

Data retention — what it is and why it’s bad

With the Australian government “actively considering” data retention, it’s time to clarify what data retention is and the nature of the threat it poses to citizens. by Bernard Keane

Is this the worst customer service call of all time?

America’s largest internet provider seems to have missed out on the memo that the customer is always right. by Broede Carmody

Diary of an Entrepreneur: How Stuart Marburg went from Netspace to text ace

One of Australia’s original internet entrepreneurs, Stuart Marburg still remembers the first time he ever used the internet – it was 1992 and he was at university in Melbourne. by Kirsten Robb

Diary of an entrepreneur: Jordan Grives sets the dial tone for his $7m startup

Jordan Grives was channelling entrepreneurial audacity at the age of just 15. Grives was in ninth grade when he started selling cans of Coke and Sprite out of his locker, pocketing a couple of hundred dollars a week from his schoolmates. by Kirsten Robb

Australians are complaining less about mobile coverage, but are angry over excess data fees

Research shows Aussie consumers are complaining less about their mobile services, but more users are angry over being stung with excess data costs. by Kirsten Robb

Tangled web of collapsed telcos causes customer confusion

A string of collapses in telecommunications companies has left customers in the lurch. by Kirsten Robb

Telemarketing business fined more than $20,000 for calling numbers on the Do Not Call Register

A telemarketing business has copped a $20,400 fine for making calls to numbers listed on the Do Not Call Register. by Broede Carmody

TPG fined $400,000 for failing to provide 000 service

Telecommunications company TPG has been fined $400,000 for failing to provide customers and other users with the ability to call triple-zero in an emergency. by Yolanda Redrup

Optus loses to Telstra in court case over misleading ad

Telstra was victorious over rival Optus yesterday in the Victorian Supreme Court in a fight over Optus advertisements which Telstra deemed were “misleading”. by Melinda Oliver

International market for new SIM cards slowing

The worldwide market for new SIM cards contracted by 193 million units or 3.8% during 2013, according to new figures. by Andrew Sadauskas

Telstra and Optus could dominate NBN, as iiNet snubs key NBN Co agreement

The nation’s largest supplier of national broadband network services and third-largest broadband provider, iiNet, has refused to sign NBN Co’s Wholesale Broadband Agreement, which will see it unable to offer the NBN to customers in newly connected regions. by Myriam Robin

Turnbull announces “strategic review” of National Broadband Network

The Coalition government has begun the first steps in its shake-up of the National Broadband Network, with Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull announcing a widespread review of the entire project. by Patrick Stafford

BlackBerry announces $US1 billion loss: Three of the company’s biggest mistakes

BlackBerry announced a massive $1 billion quarterly loss over the weekend – and more than 4500 staff layoffs. That figure is nearly 40% of the company’s workforce. by Patrick Stafford

NBN board resigns as network prepares for massive change

The entire board of the National Broadband Network has reportedly handed in their resignations, but both the company and government are tight-lipped on the matter. by Patrick Stafford

Telco competition may thrive under Abbott as TPG invests in 500,000 fibre connections

The announcement that TPG will invest more money in fibre optics due to the Coalition’s planned changes to the NBN are a signal the telecommunications market could change very rapidly under a Liberal-led government. by Patrick Stafford

For many small businesses, a sense of complacency is the biggest hurdle to overcome with technological security.

The announcement that TPG will invest more money in fibre optics due to the Coalition’s planned changes to the NBN are a signal the telecommunications market could change very rapidly under a Liberal-led government. by Patrick Stafford
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