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Senator calls for tourism sector shakeup

The Australian tourism sector is booming thanks to the Asian appetite for travel, according to an industry report released yesterday, but there are concerns the industry is hampered by regulations. by Kirsten Robb

Industry groups given the “cold shoulder” in government’s priority industries list

Industry groups are critical after being left off the federal government’s priority industry list. by Cara Waters

Helipro crashes into receivership owing “tens of millions” of dollars

Helicopter tourism business Helipro was advertised for sale today after going into receivership last week. by Cara Waters

Singapore takes a gamble and wins big in global retail and tourism

Singaporeans are open-minded and very committed shoppers. They understand the need to trade as openly and easily with as many countries as possible. by Kevin Moore

The best state government grants for your small business

Yesterday we gave you a roundup of the best federal government grants for your small business – but there are also some great funding opportunities available a little closer to home. by Kirsten Robb

Location, location: How Grant Wilckens built Australia’s largest holiday park business

Grant Wilckens is following the trail of grey nomads all the way to the bank with his caravan park empire. by Eloise Keating

Australian hotels hopeful about year ahead, but online presence key to driving profits

Hotel operators are more optimistic about business conditions compared to last year, according to the latest TripBarometer study by travel website TripAdvisor. by Broede Carmody

Lower dollar has Australian tourism operators smiling, with India a prime focus: Tourism industry survey

Australian tourism operators have given a bullish assessment of the industry in the latest TTF-Mastercard Tourism Industry Sentiment Survey, with the sector’s performance in the December quarter at the highest level ever recorded for the survey. by Engel Schmidl

How Sue Hollis co-founded a $250 million travel company

It’s all about values for Sue Hollis, who founded travel services business TravelEdge in 2000. Since then, she has built it into a company with $250 million turnover. by Cara Waters

Tourism industry set for a boost as international students granted transport concessions

The Victorian government has announced that from 2015 international students are able to access public transport concession cards, in a bid to boost local tourism and the economy. by Broede Carmody

How your business can get galloping in the Year of the Horse

Happy Chinese New Year! Here are some key tips to get your business racing in the Year of the Horse. by Cara Waters

A growth opportunity with bite: Can Australian tourism pass the taste test?

In contrast to the gloom enveloping manufacturing and the slowing growth in commodities, tourism is expected to be a bright spot for Australia’s economy this year. by David Beirman

Tourism figures out: from ‘slumber gurus’ to ‘flying nannies’, what are the big travel trends for 2014?

Short-term tourism to Australia was up 0.3% in November on the previous month, according to figures just released from the Australian Bureau Statistics. by Melinda Oliver

Airbnb users couldn’t be further from cash-strapped hippies: BIS Shrapnel estimates $214 million in economic activity generated by home-share service

It’s been just over a year since Airbnb first started operating in Australia, and already it has generated $214 million in economic activity throughout Sydney from 30,480 guests, according to a BIS Shrapnel study released today. by Myriam Robin

Tourism industry calls for “urgent” action on penalty rates – and can’t wait until the election is finished

The majority of tourism operators believe penalty rates require “urgent” attention from the government, according to a new survey – and the election period hasn’t helped. by Yolanda Redrup

Grey nomad caravan boom drives new opportunities for domestic tourism operators

Travelling baby boomers, grey nomads and younger, adventure-seeking families are driving a rapid resurgence in caravan registrations at a time when traditional caravan park spots are in consistent decline, a new study has found. by Sunanda Creagh

Coalition to encourage more Chinese tourists, as industry supports easier visa processing systems

Australian tourism businesses will be pleased a boost in Chinese tourist numbers could be on the horizon, as last night the Coalition committed to making it easier for Chinese visitors to obtain a visa. by Yolanda Redrup

Tourism industry demands major tax review, as wages and charges hit hard

Australian tourism businesses are calling for a tax review, as a new survey shows high wage costs, taxes and government charges are becoming bigger concerns than ever before. by Yolanda Redrup

The hotel industry needs an upgrade

Go to a hotel in Hicksville, Ohio and you're bound to score Wi-Fi access. Don't go expecting the same in Brisbane though. by Patrick Stafford

China's love for all things Aussie could see some tourist destinations strike gold

When economic news from around the world gets all gloomy, one sector that always seems to get hit is Australia's tourism industry. by Michael Yardney
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