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Planning your website for maximum ROI

Websites are now the most common ‘call to action’ there is for your various promotional efforts, so it’s critical that it forms part of your marketing planning. by Craig Reardon

How has digital tech altered your industry?

Digital tech has burned its way through many industries, but many others are still standing in its path of creative destruction. by Craig Reardon

Working with clients you never meet

In the digital economy, there's almost no need to ever meet a client. But is that always such a good thing? by Craig Reardon

Content creates a new digital divide for SMEs

Some businesses just aren’t cut out to create valuable web content. by Craig Reardon

Why website prices vary so much (or how long is a piece of website)

Before you sign on the dotted line (or its virtual equivalent) with a provider, make sure you are across the main cost components of a professional website. by Craig Reardon

It’s official! Consumers turn to their Facebook Friends to find a supplier

The data is starting to come in about the effectiveness, or otherwise, of social media for SMEs. by Craig Reardon

Why your business should be on Facebook – part two

The benefits of a business Facebook presence continue to be felt by many SMEs. by Craig Reardon

Why your business should be on Facebook – part one

Regular readers of this blog will know I have taken a very cautious approach to social media when it comes to smaller business. But Facebook, provided it’s well managed, can indeed provide significant ROI for SMEs. by Craig Reardon

Professional presentation still a struggle for SMEs

What do you mean my iPhone snapshot isn’t good enough for my website? by Craig Reardon

New business leads go 24/7

Around the clock call-outs beg the question: when do we switch off? by Craig Reardon

Are you spending too much time under the hood of your website?

Really very little technical knowledge is needed to maintain a website these days, and yet some small business owners still seem to be struggling. by Craig Reardon

Call in the professionals: Why you shouldn’t let your tech-savvy nephew build your website

So your nephew/daughter/mate/neighbour wants to build your new website – there is a chance that this well-meaning person is a digital guru, but it’s awfully slim. by Craig Reardon

Finally: Our first sale as a result of our social networking efforts

After hours of 'friending' and profile-building we eventually landed a return on the time we invested in social media. by Craig Reardon

Counting the cost of data duplication and manual handling

Multiple handling of data pillages productivity from SMEs and wastes the time of employees who could be doing better things with their time. by Craig Reardon

Introducing the hot new trend for SMEs online: Urgency

While many continue to ignore online, some smaller business are getting more serious about all things digital. by Craig Reardon

Which skills do you need for a successful online presence?

Should you take the DIY path when it comes to working on your website or leave it to professionals? by Craig Reardon

Desperate measures as Australian SMEs abandon their websites

Website ownership penetration takes a hit despite online sales and user growth. by Craig Reardon

Are you tapping into the free business leads within social networks?

Social networks are overflowing with growing calls for supplier recommendations – make sure you get to that lead before the competition does. by Craig Reardon

Cleaning up the web industry once and for all

Could a ‘disclosure document’ for web services provide more certainty for unsuspecting smaller business operators? by Craig Reardon

Why the NBN is yet to shine for suburban businesses

There’s a very good reason why businesses in this outer suburb are underwhelmed by broadband internet. by Craig Reardon
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