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todayWednesday, 27 May 2015

Forbes reveals the world’s 18 most powerful female entrepreneurs

From philanthropy to entertainment and e-commerce, the entrepreneurs on this year’s Forbes list of the World’s 100 Most Powerful Women come from varied backgrounds. by Eloise Keating

How I became chief executive of an island: Meet former Olympian Glenn Bourke who heads up the $250 million business Hamilton Island

Glenn Bourke is one of only a handful of people whose job title is chief executive of an island. by Eloise Keating

yesterdayTuesday, 26 May 2015

Adam Nash’s nine personal finance books you should read today

Adam Nash may be the chief executive of a $US700 million company but he has also become somewhat of a guru on personal finance. by Eloise Keating

yesterdayTuesday, 26 May 2015

Six pieces of no nonsense advice from Shark Tank’s Steve Baxter

Selling a startup for $373 million despite not finishing high school was all due to having a strong passion for business, according to investor and Shark Tank star Steve Baxter. by Broede Carmody

A brand guide for startups

Here are the three foundation elements startups (and even older businesses) need to consider when setting out to build a brand. by Michel Hogan

Friday, 22 May 2015

How challenging yourself to learn something new can make you fitter for business

Sometimes the challenges we take on outside of business teach us the most about what it takes to succeed in business. by Finn Kelly

How I started a not-for-profit at 22

Starting a not-for-profit organisation wasn't in my marketing and communication career plans. Rather, it's something I stumbled into. by Stephanie Lorenzo

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

How Sir Terry Leahy turned Tesco around

Sir Terry Leahy, former chief executive of Tesco, says he transformed the supermarket giant by using data to understand, retain and attract Tesco’s customers. by Cara Waters

The seven books on Bill Gates’ reading list

Jokes about scientists, an explanation about how statistics can be manipulated and arguments about the sustainability of eating meat are just some of the topics on Bill Gates’ reading list this American summer. by Eloise Keating

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