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Power Play: If you don't take risks, you risk it all

Risk is one of those words that can be interpreted in about a million different ways. Power Players keep it simple. They are under no illusion that great moves can be made without a hefty dose of risk.

To risk nothing is to do nothing. Nothing great ever came about without a very decent amount of risk. Great leaps forward are contingent on it.

Power Players are good at acknowledging what happens if you don’t risk anything: you end up risking everything. There perhaps was a time where doing nothing bought you another year of staying alive in business but not anymore. The difference today that if you don’t give it a shot, somebody else will. It used to be that risk was for the brave or even the reckless. Today it’s a cost of doing business and Power Players know this.

Do as the Power Players do: stop seeing risk as – well, risky and start seeing it as something you need to do to stay a step ahead.

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Rose Herceg

Power Play

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Rose Herceg is an entrepreneur, strategist and author, and until recently was strategy director of the STW Group, working across 70 companies. She is currently developing several online start-ups in media and media content.

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