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Power Play: Inspiration arrives at the most unlikely moment

Inspiration has a way of coming into our lives when we least expect it. The trick is not pushing it but letting inspiration come in its own good time.

Power Players are terrific at jumping on the inspirational seed when it comes along. They know it usually happens when they’re looking the other way and rather than find this annoying, they jump on the opportunity to create and imagine.

If inspiration doesn’t come, have faith that it will. Sweating on inspiration will simply choke the ability for inspiration to find its way to you.

When you’ve lost your creative spirit, relax. It will come back to you.

Power Players let divine inspiration swing back around in its own good time. Inspiration needs faith to blossom. Be faithful and the creative spirit will come. 

Rose Herceg

Power Play

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Rose Herceg is an entrepreneur, strategist and author, and until recently was strategy director of the STW Group, working across 70 companies. She is currently developing several online start-ups in media and media content.