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todayFriday, 22 August 2014

Perth go-kart company fined $30,000 after girl’s hair caught in axle

A go-kart company and its director have been fined after a young customer had her hair entangled in the cart’s axle. by Kirsten Robb

todayFriday, 22 August 2014

Charterhill owes $11.5 million to creditors

Three Charterhill entities owe creditors a combined $11.5 million, according to the latest presentation of accounts. by Jonathan Chancellor

Do I need insurance for my online business?

Many startups and small business owners are unsure about whether they need insurance, and if they do, what sort. It’s a good question which comes up quite often. by Vanessa Emilio

Daiso franchisee with repeat underpayment breaches forced to put ad in the Herald Sun explaining conduct

A retail franchise found to have underpaid young workers will have to place an ad in a major daily newspaper, explaining why it broke the law and promising not to do it again. by Kirsten Robb

Hungry Jack’s in court over carpark death, Visy and Veolia also facing charges

Lawyers for fast food restaurant Hungry Jack’s appeared in the Melbourne Magistrates Court this week over charges relating to the death of an elderly man in one of the restaurant’s carparks. by Eloise Keating

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Telstra warns phone scams have increased 400% in 12 months

Telstra has warned consumers about a four-fold increase in scammers seeking to gather personal information over the phone in the past year, with phishing scams in particular on the rise. by Andrew Sadauskas

Is Fair Work taking the piss? Truck driver awarded $16,128 in unfair dismissal compensation after urinating on a Woolies warehouse

The Fair Work Commission has awarded a truck driver $16,128 in unfair dismissal compensation from his employer after he was caught on camera urinating on a Woolworths warehouse while at work. by Andrew Sadauskas

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Aldi cops flak from ASIC on credit card surcharges

Aldi has been forced to change the point-of-sale signage in a number of its stores after the corporate regulator found its disclosure of credit card surcharges was inadequate. by Eloise Keating

Fair Work slams employee for “downright lies” in unfair dismissal case

The Fair Work Commission has criticised an employee who brought an unfair dismissal claim, which it says is “riddled with” nonsensical propositions and “downright lies”. by Cara Waters
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