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yesterdayFriday, 27 February 2015

Former Etihad Stadium chief used tickets to Lady Gaga to pay for gym membership and Bunnings vouchers

The Federal Court has found Etihad Stadium was justified in sacking its former commercial officer for using free tickets to concerts at the venue “like currency” to pay for a range of personal items. by Kirsten Robb

Non compost mentis: Melbourne café shuts down after council dispute over compost bin

A small business in Melbourne is being forced to close after a long-running dispute with the local council over the location of its compost bin. by Broede Carmody

yesterdayFriday, 27 February 2015

White collar crime and metadata: beware of building a new honeypot

With the struggle by law enforcement agencies to keep pace with new technologies has come calls by the agencies for additional investigatory powers. by John Selby

ACCC loses court battle with Pfizer; Qantas posts $203 million profit: Midday Roundup

The Federal Court has dismissed the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s allegations that pharmaceutical giant Pfizer misused its market power and engaged in exclusive dealings in relation to the supply of cholesterol-lowering medication Lipitor. by Kirsten Robb and Eloise Keating

Scott family firm hit by second fraud case as employees allegedly swindle $7 million: Four tips for fraud prevention

The business run by the family of deceased trucking magnate Allan Scott has been hit by a $7.1 million fraud allegedly perpetrated by two employees. by Cara Waters

Dog food brand Purina accused of killing thousands of dogs in US lawsuit

Pet food manufacturer Nestle Purina PetCare is facing a class action lawsuit over allegations one its dog food products, Beneful, has killed thousands of dogs. by Kirsten Robb

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Explainer: Australia’s ‘three strikes’ plan to curb illegal downloads

Following last week’s release of a draft “three strikes” scheme by Australian ISP and telecommunications industry body Communications Alliance, the issue of online copyright infringement is again up for debate. by Adrian Storrier

Bruce Billson urges Coles and Woolworths to sign supermarket code of conduct

Small Business Minister Bruce Billson is calling on Coles and Woolworths, as well as Aldi and Metcash, to sign up to a supermarket supply code of conduct that is set to be enacted later this week. by Andrew Sadauskas

ACCC calls for $5 million penalty over Coles’ half-baked bread, but independent grocers say it’s not enough dough

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has called on the Federal Court to hand Coles a penalty of over $5 million for misleading consumers over the freshness of its bread products. by Andrew Sadauskas
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