Smart50 Awards 2016

Retailers and fintechs dominate the Smart50 class of 2016

Retailers and financial technology providers have dominated the Smart50 Awards this year, with fintech providers taking out the top two positions on the list of the fastest growing Australian SMEs. Another three finance and insurance services providers feature on this year’s list, while 16 of the 50 companies operate in the retail sector. While many

Smart50 category winners put their customers first

From selling mountain bikes to hair straighteners, home repair bookings to chocolate, the businesses shortlisted for 2016’s Smart50 category awards represent the diversity on offer in Australia’s SME sector. Every entrepreneur featured in this year’s shortlist has generated serious business growth over the past three years by tuning in to a new kind of consumer

Know your data and get ready to learn: 10 lessons from this year’s Smart50

The Smart50 class of 2016 work up to 80 hours a week on their businesses – by Australian employment standards, they’re cramming two years’ worth of work into one. Every year, SmartCompany gets to pick the brains of these driven individuals and deliver their top business tips to you. Here are 10 lessons from Australia’s



Small business lender Prospa has its foot to the floor, recognising the disruptive power of fintech on Australia’s lending space, and the company is aiming to grow its customer base through an in-depth knowledge of what drives SMEs.



After realising the small business lending space had been lacking in innovation for years, Jamie Osborn was determined to use his financial services experience to offer better financing for Australian SMEs.



Healthy meal operation FivePointFour is upgrading its premises almost every quarter as demand for the pre-made, diet tailored food on offer continues to grow.


Online Marketing Gurus

Despite recognising the “huge number” of online marketing and SEO companies that already existed in the market, when Andrew Raso and Mehrdad Homayunfard founded their business in 2012, they believed few existing players in the market were able to achieve the results that clients wanted.



With offices in South Africa, Europe, the UK, and America, it’s no wonder TorFX processes over $6 billion in foreign exchanges and money transfers each year.


MyDeal Australia

Founder Sean Senvirtne’s third start-up business was completely bootstrapped, and after years of intense work with heads down, online marketplace has secured rapid growth.


Positive Lending Solutions

Father and son duo of Mark and Tom Caesar appeared on SmartCompany’s Smart50 list last year, coming in at number 33. The business has continued its fast growth, and with a revenue increase of over $6 million, Positive Lending Solutions has made the jump to the Smart50 top 10.


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