Smart50 Awards 2014

1. Pet Circle

Mike Frizell Smart50 rank: 1 Revenue: $12 million Growth: 329.68% Founders: Mike Frizell, 32 Head Office: New South Wales Year Founded: 2011 Employees: 26 Industry: Retail Website: Pet Circle caused a few raised eyebrows in the industry when it started in 2011. Founder Mike Frizell says there was a belief in the pet industry

3. Showpo

Jane Lu Smart50 rank: 3 Revenue: $7.5 million Growth: 306.23% Founders: Jane Lu, 28 Head Office: New South Wales Year Founded: 2010 Employees: 22 Industry: Retail Website: Spending a lot of time on Facebook often means procrastination but for ShowPo founder Jane Lu, it’s how she’s turbo charged her online fashion business. “We have

4. Locomote

David Fastuca Smart50 rank: 4 Revenue: $3.5 million Growth: 242.32% Founders: David Fastuca, 28, Ross Fastuca, 30 Head Office: Victoria Year Founded: 2011 Employees: 30 Industry: Information technology Website: “Two young guys from the western suburbs”, David and Ross Fastuca, set up their first business together while they were still in high school. But

5. Cohen Handler

Ben Handler Simon Cohen Smart50 rank: 5 Revenue: $2.9 million Growth: 152% Founders: Ben Handler, 30, Simon Cohen, 29 Head Office: New South Wales Year Founded: 2010 Employees: 27 Industry: Property and Business Services Website: “Fear” and “fear of fear” is what keeps the co-founder of Cohen Handler up at nights. “The uncertainty of

6. AussieCommerce

Adam Schwab and Jeremy Same Smart50 rank: 6 Revenue: $138 million Growth: 149% Founders: Adam Schwab, 34, Jeremy Same, 35 Head Office: Victoria Year Founded: 2010 Employees: 250 Industry: Internet Website: AussieCommerce AussieCommerce, parent company of, has powered up this year’s Smart50 list moving from ninth place to sixth place as a result of

7. Hard To Find

Smart50 rank: 7 Revenue: $10.2 million Growth: 145% Founders: Erica Stewart, 39, and Trudi Jenkins, 50 Head Office: New South Wales Year Founded: 2008 Employees: 22 Industry: Retail Website: Erica Stewart and Trudi Jenkins’ background working for glossy magazines was the perfect training for opening up curated online marketplace HardToFind. “As working mothers with

8. Outware Mobile

Smart50 rank: 8 Revenue: $9.2 million Growth: 142% Founders: Eytan Lenko, 38, Daniel Gorog, 38, Gideon Kowadlo, 38 Head Office: Melbourne Year Founded: 2009 Employees: 78 Industry: Information Technology Website: Chances are your mobile phone has an app on it designed by Outware Mobile. The business founded by Eytan Lenko, Daniel Gorog and Gideon

9. Key Person of Influence

Glen Carlson Smart50 rank: 9 Revenue: $3.1 million Growth: 137% Founders: Glen Carlson, 33, Daniel Priestley, 33 Head Office: Victoria Year Founded: 2011 Employees: 11 Industry: Education Website: For Glen Carlson and Daniel Priestley, their business, Key Person of Influence (part of their overarching Entrevo business), is a labour of love. There’s no exit

10. Lighthouse8

Freddy Aurso Smart50 rank: 10 Revenue: Over $2.4 million Growth: 136.87% Founders: Freddy Aurso, 42 Head Office: Manly, NSW Year Founded: 2010 Employees: 8 Industry: Internet Website: There are no meeting rooms at the Manly offices of Lighthouse8, the digital strategy and management consultancy that has secured the 10th spot on this year’s Smart50

11. Ventis HQ

Blair Milnes, Mike Kennedy and Dave Kennedy Smart50 rank: 11 Revenue: $17.7 million Growth: 136.52% Founders:Blair Milnes, 42, Mike Kennedy, 37 and Dave Kennedy, 42 Head Office: New South Wales Year Founded: 2010 Employees: 80 Industry: Sales, manufacture and installation of home ventilation systems Website: Blair Milnes says he still feels the home ventilation


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