16. Web Marketing Experts


Smart50 rank: 16
Revenue: $6.3 million
Growth: 77%
Founders: Nick Bell, 32
Head Office:Victoria
Year Founded: 2008
Employees: 39
Industry:Information Technology
Website: www.webmarketingexperts.com.au

It took Nick Bell one week of planning to launch his search engine optimisation (SEO) business from his home in 2008. Since then, it has expanded to include web design and hosting services.

With so many other businesses competing in the market for small business marketing and SEO, Bell says the reason they’ve survived is their commitment to real results.

“We’ve built this reputation by getting results for our customers and consistently ranking them on page one of the world’s major search engines,” Bell says.

Results-led reputations can be hard to maintain in the SEO industry, where Google’s algorithm tweaks can rapidly become game changers.

“Because SEO is our bread and butter, we are constantly challenged when Google changes their algorithms frequently which affect our clients’ rankings. We are always having set-backs and constantly need to adapt our techniques to ensure we stay ahead of the game,” Bell says, adding this is also his major marketing focus.

In the last year, Web Marketing Experts has almost doubled its team, bringing an additional 20 staff on-board. Bell says the decision to focus on developing community and initiative across the team has paid off.

“In our company, we have no segregation. I don’t care if you’re the general manager or an intern, if something needs to be done, no matter how small it is, just get it done,” Bell says.

“He says rapid growth has been one of his biggest challenges so far.

“Managing growth was a challenge in 2012 because we needed to refine processes and procedures for every department within the company,” Bell says. “Finding staff is always a great challenge. Online marketing is still new and an evolving industry, so it’s hard to find staff with a lot of experience and specialties in the field.”

Bell says the growth also means he can never switch off from his business.

“Due to our rapid growth, we have a thousand different things on the go at one time and I need to ensure they’re all executed correctly. In recent years, I’ve learnt to survive on four to five hours of sleep per night,” Bell says.


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