Social Media

There’s no escaping the wrath of the unhappy customer

Poor customer service has never been excusable. Prior to the advent of social media, the rule of thumb was that on average, disgruntled customers...


Why this health food brand is getting skin in the game at the Australian Open with Angelique Kerber

Melbourne goes tennis crazy every January when the Australian Open hits the city, but local brands have the long game in mind as they...
Business owner planning


Want a bigger customer base? Think small, says this chief executive

Many small businesses dream of a world where the entire population is desperate to use their product—but one tech entrepreneur says businesses should go...
Business owner using technology

Social Media

How to grab people’s attention on LinkedIn with one key sentence

LinkedIn may be the platform of choice for entrepreneurs and professionals looking to expand their networks, but with close to 500 million LinkedIn users...


How to make your sales presentations work for you and your clients

Keep your message consistent and make your sales presentations work for you. The B2B sales arena now demands a customised presentation for every meeting....
Australia Day ad


Advertising war sparks battle for the Australia Day barbecue

By Luke Henriques Gomes It’s the battle for Australian hearts, minds and meats. An advertising war has broken out in the lead-up to Australia Day amid growing controversy...

Social Media

Instagram introduces ads on its Stories video feature, giving Snapchat a run for its money

The rapidly growing world of social media advertising is about to get a bit bigger, after Instagram today revealed it will begin inserting advertising...
Run for your Bun


UK gym gets creative with pop-up café that lets customers pay for their food by working out

It’s been billed as the first café to replace money with exercise, but a new pop-up venue in the UK is also a clever...
coffee cup


Muzz Buzz “sticky boy” advertisement pulled for “inappropriate behaviour” and “bullying”

Experts say an ad for coffee chain Muzz Buzz that was banned by the Advertising Standards Board (ASB) after complaints about its "creepy overtones" was created...
Marissa Mayer


Will Yahoo’s “Altaba” name change have a long-term impact?

Naming a company in the social media age is fraught, and this week’s unveiling of “Altaba”, the investment company that will hold Yahoo’s remains,...

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Why the cloud is not just a buzzword


‘The cloud’ - it’s the buzz term that has been making its rounds. As a business owner, you’re most likely already utilising the cloud,...
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