Social Media

Instagram’s new feature will give your brand more creative freedom

In its constant push to become the dominant social media platform for brands, Instagram has unveiled a new feature that lets users pack more images into...

Social Media

Ten things not to do on social media

We’ve been living in a social world for more than a decade now but plenty of people, and businesses, still seem to be getting...


Thousands compete for Aldi’s next “testers club”: How to seek shopper feedback and know what to do with it

Discount supermarket giant Aldi has sparked fierce shopper competition with a callout for new members for its popular "testers club" and while the popularity...


Why Sportsgirl is using its 70-year brand history to take on the international fashion retailers arriving in Australia

Staying true to a "brand personality" that has been developed over 70 years will help Sportsgirl apart from the wave of international fashion retailers...


Anytime Fitness falls foul of advertising watchdog over “F*CK UNFIT” campaign

Businesses are warned to be careful when it comes to swearing in advertising after an ad from Anytime Fitness Australia was found to be...


How selling a solution is different from selling a product

Today it is almost impossible to meet a product salesperson in the business-to-business sector. Everyone sells ‘solutions’ in the hope they can charge a...


When marketers should learn to shut up

You’re great. I know you are. But is your eagerness to share with me how great you are actually turning me off? One of the...
Assembly Payments team


Why Melbourne startup PromisePay is rebranding to Assembly Payments as it kicks of a partnership with Gumtree

A Melbourne fintech startup that aims to be the “world’s most flexible payments platform” is rebranding itself at the same time as bedding down...
Gambling giant Bet365 slammed for misleading and deceptive conduct over “free” bets


Watchdog upholds complaints over Lottoland ad that showed gambling “should be hidden”

The advertising watchdog has upheld complaints against a Lottoland advertisement that some viewers said could have “encouraged" gamblers to hide their addictions. The Advertising Standards...
Man looking at his mobile


Google Maps now lets your customers save their favourite locations and share them with friends

Savvy small businesses now have another opportunity to stick in the minds of their customers, thanks to the latest feature to be added to...

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Ebook: Talking tech: How SMEs use technology


For so long, the word “technology” represented something distant. It was inaccessible. Now technology runs everything we do. By analysing the activity in the businesses...
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