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Facebook introduces job listing feature targeted at SMEs searching for quality talent

Businesses might soon be updating job listings with a quick post on Facebook, with the social network this week revealing it will be adding a job ad feature to...


How this small business owner “hacked” UberEATS to benefit his business—and his wallet

A savvy small business owner has converted a website, some free advertising coupons, and $1.24, into over $1000 of free food from UberEATS—and some...


How a clever YouTube video set this business on the path to riches

Even if you’re not a member of the Dollar Shave Club, you probably recall the stir the brand made when it launched its product...


Appco Group hit with claims salespeople were forced into “pseudo sexual acts” for not meeting targets, as 700-person strong class action continues

Charity fundraising business Appco Group Australia has been forced to respond to claims that salespeople were made to engage in "pseudo sexual acts" and...
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Social Media

Facebook unveils a standalone app to bring videos to your TV

Not being satisfied with its presence on your phone, watch, laptop, and tablet, social media giant Facebook will soon be coming to your TV. The company...
Wicked Campers threatens to call in “moral monkey squad” and police on protesters as Lonely Planet dumps listing


Wicked Campers vans could soon be de-registered in Queensland under vehicle advertising law

Businesses that fail to remove offensive slogans from their vehicles in Queensland will face the prospect of having their registrations cancelled, as a result...

Social Media

Facebook recommendations feature puts local business in the spotlight

Have you noticed the significant change in Facebook recently? If not, it surely won’t be long before you do. In the past week in this...


British Bunnings ad leaves Aussie shoppers baffled: What other brands can learn from the hardware chain’s ads

Hardware giant Bunnings Warehouse has released the first advertisements for its new UK store, and while Australian shoppers are baffled by British accents reading...


Are customer surveys useless?

There is no doubt that automation saves time and money; it improves efficiencies and very often eliminates human error. But what happens to companies...


How to ditch discounts and win customers

Aussie retailers are doing it tough. The Christmas period failed to meet expectations, large internationals like Amazon are knocking on the door, and consumers...

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eBook: Talking tech: How SMEs use technology


For so long, the word “technology” represented something distant. It was inaccessible. Now technology runs everything we do. By analysing the activity in the businesses...
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