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Online sales

The Catch Group to launch new online venture: Gabby Leibovich tells all

The company behind Australia’s number one e-commerce site will be launching its next online venture early next year, as the group celebrates its seventh birthday this week. by Yolanda Redrup

The SmartCompany online sales report card 2013: How are the big boys stacking up?

Reporting season is in full swing and with it comes a key question: How are the big boys performing when it comes to online sales? by Patrick Stafford

Brambles demerges with Recall, NAB index reveals online sales growth slows in May: Midday roundup

Pallets, crates and containers business Brambles is splitting with its data management business Recall by Yolanda Redrup and Patrick Stafford

The multichannel path to profit

Ultimately, consumers interact with retailers for one simple reason, they like to shop! How they achieve this interaction depends on the lure of the retailer. by Brian Walker

Online retail sales dip during February, but don't panic just yet

Online sales should continue to grow despite a poor set of figures for February, according to experts. by Patrick Stafford

Retailers, keep your staff: Five lessons from cosmetics king Napoleon Perdis

Cutting staff is not the answer to department store woes, according to cosmetics kingpin Napoleon Perdis. by Yolanda Redrup

Online retail sales surge in November: Midday roundup

Improved retail sales figures leading up to Christmas have some observers hoping the upward trend continues in the new year. by Cara Waters and Patrick Stafford

Construction work improves in September quarter: Midday roundup

Construction work improved during the September quarter, according to the latest figures from the ABS. by Patrick Stafford

Cyber Monday sales up on last year: Three lessons from the States' biggest online retail event

Cyber Monday has American shoppers online and spending big in the lead-up to Christmas. by Patrick Stafford

Domestic retailers getting a bigger slice of the online pie, new CBA figures reveal

Are bricks and mortar retailers finally starting to close the gap on digital rivals when it comes to online sales? by Patrick Stafford

Revealed: The hottest suburbs for online sales in Australia

If you’ve ever wondered which Australians spend the most amount of money online, now’s your chance to find out. by Patrick Stafford

The 2012 retail online sales report card: What the big boys aren’t telling us

The big boys of Australian retail have been playing up their online credentials for the past couple of years. by Patrick Stafford

Does Pinterest help with SEO?

Pinterest is a quality site with a highly valued demographic. SEO considerations aside, that’s reason enough to start pinning and sharing. by Chris Thomas

Tech-tonic shifts in digital marketing

Brands like The Iconic are pointing the way forward with their clever use of digital marketing and advertising. The big retailers might want to take note. by Chris Thomas

The trick to responsive design and SEO

Creating a seamless user experience across all devices is at the heart of a responsively designed webpage. by Chris Thomas

How to market to Chinese consumers online

The appeal of the Chinese market needs no explanation. But how should Australian businesses target it? by Chris Thomas

RBA cuts growth and inflation forecasts: Midday roundup

The Reserve Bank has cut its growth and inflation forecasts for the upcoming financial year due to weaker global conditions, along with forecasts for restrictions in wages growth. by Patrick Stafford

Sorry Gerry, we’re thriving: Smart50 online furniture retailers say Harvey wrong on sector’s sales

Online furniture sellers have hit back at retail veteran Gerry Harvey’s recent comments that Harvey Norman had barely recorded any online business for furniture products and that customers don’t want to buy bulky products on the web. by Patrick Stafford

Online sales increase 26% year-on-year in February, NAB index reveals

A bloom in flower sales ahead of Valentine’s Day and more university students purchasing books before their first classes contributed to a 19% increase in online sales during February, according to the latest figures from NAB. by Patrick Stafford

Lead collection advertising on Linkedin

LinkedIn isn’t everyone’s first choice of an advertising platform. And while it isn’t the cheapest option on the market, well-constructed campaigns can bring some terrific results. by Chris Thomas
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