Webinar: How to create an inclusive workforce – Wednesday 17 May, 1.30pm

Sponsored by Biz Better Together

17 May 2017

1:30 pm AEST

0 hr 45 min

Webinar: ACCI - How to create an inclusive workforce

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On May 17, International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, we discuss what it takes to create a truly inclusive workforce. While workplaces – and laws – have come a long way in recent times, 39 per cent of the LGBTI community do not disclose their sexuality at work. While some reasonably argue it is nobody’s business, for others fear of exclusion prevents them from bringing their true selves to their workplace.

We look at what employers can do to foster an inclusive culture in their business – from policies to education and all that’s in between – to build a more welcoming and productive workplace.

As part of the newest Great Australian Workplace series, tune into this month’s webinar to hear from people who have worked towards creating inclusive workforces.

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