People & Human Resources

Sage Greenwood


Rise to the occasion: Five tips for making the jump from employee to business owner

I’m going to hazard a bet and say that no matter who you are, at some point in your working life you’ve dreamt about...


Three steps for tackling your attention crisis

With over 300 billion emails sent around the world every day, along with 5000 new books, and Snapchat bringing out new filters quicker than...
Male and female colleagues

People & Human Resources

Annual performance review looming? How to give and receive feedback

By Michelle Luke, University of Sussex Feedback is a daily occurrence. Workers get it constantly from their managers and colleagues, and how we react to it...

People & Human Resources

Build loyalty not turnover, with engaged employees

The key to less staff turnover and a higher incidence of employee engagement boils down to recruiting well, giving employees ample reason to enjoy...


The puzzle of finding your organisation’s purpose

Why. Why does your organisation exist? Beyond making money, why are the doors open (which everyone needs to do to keep the doors open)? Without...
Job applicants

recruitment and hiring

Psychopaths welcome but no “whingers” need apply: The traits these two employers are looking for in new employees

Have you got an employee who whinges too much? Or would you rather one who displays psychopathic traits? With job advertisements an opportunity to showcase...
Hiam Sakakini

People & Human Resources

Three ways to motivate Millennials you haven’t thought of yet

We see endless rhetoric about how Millennials are different - from the way they work, the way they have fun and they way they...
Melinda Gates Dreamforce


Using data to save lives: Three important life lessons from Melinda Gates

When Melinda Gates entered the tech industry, the world was very different to what it looks like today. During a talk at Dreamforce, the tech...


A name is just a name, and other lessons from expanding a business

It takes courage to tell the other story - the one where things didn’t go as planned - and to share the hard lessons...

People & Human Resources

Customer service: The evolving art and underlying attitudes

Companies are struggling to find service success and the right balance of internet automation and skilled people who can manage complex service needs. Companies...

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10 ways to grow your business and make more money in 2008


SMEs have been dealt an uncertain hand – by the economy, a new government, and by the business outlook – but winning growth and...

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Forget traditional marketing and really grow your brand


It’s a common narrative in the small business world: you spend huge amounts of time and money preparing to launch your website, but when...

Bringing HR and Finance together

How to be an employer of choice

The essential guide to hiring for your SME

How to make your new recruit thrive

Bringing HR and Finance together

Does your business need an IT health check?

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