People & Human Resources

People & Human Resources

Five resolutions your HR advisor hopes you’ve made this year

While we are all fresh and ready to be better leaders this year, I thought I would take the opportunity to get you motivated...

People & Human Resources

How to prepare your business for “sickies” this Australia Day

"Chucking a sickie” might be accepted Australian slang, but with Australia Day fast approaching experts warn business owners to prepare now, before sickies are...

People & Human Resources

Trust your gut instinct

For all our faults, human beings really are extraordinary, and all the more so when acting on their gut feeling that something may be...


This one trick could help you manage email overload

Emails are the bane of most of business people's existence. If you’d like to know exactly how much time they rob from you, Washington Post has...
Mark Zuckerberg


Could Mark Zuckerberg run for US President?

Billionaire Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg wouldn't be a ridiculous choice for the President of the United States, some say. After all, rumoured candidates for...
Job applicants

recruitment and hiring

40% of small business are looking for new staff in 2017: Make sure you’ve got the right attitude to hiring

Recruiting new talent is often an area SME owners struggle with, and a recent report reveals many will be wrestling with the task of finding...


Bellamy’s chief executive Laura McBain bows out: Lessons for small business leaders from the company’s woes

Bellamy’s is having far from a happy new year, but the removal of chief executive Laura McBain on Wednesday looks to be only the...
Business advice

professional development

Growth mindset: How to bring your best self back to work in 2017

As we return to work from the bliss of family time, luscious beach retreats and unadulterated relaxation, it’s the perfect time to consider what...
Leader with his team

People & Human Resources

Make sure your staff expense claims policy is heavy on detail

Businesses should ensure detailed policies about how to claim work expenses are communicated to their workers as soon as they start on the job,...
Don Meij

industrial relations

Domino’s asks customers to pitch in on Sunday pay bump as the business community waits for penalty rate decision

A Fair Work Commission decision on Sunday penalty rates is imminent, but market darling Domino’s Pizza Enterprises has kicked off 2017 by asking customers...

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Why the cloud is not just a buzzword


‘The cloud’ - it’s the buzz term that has been making its rounds. As a business owner, you’re most likely already utilising the cloud,...
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