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industrial relations

Fair Work Commission cuts Sunday and public holiday penalty rates for workers in retail and hospitality

The Fair Work Commission has decided to cut Sunday and public holiday penalty rates in the retail, fast food, hospitality and pharmacy sectors, however...
Female student studying

People & Human Resources

Business students willing to sacrifice future salary for good corporate social responsibility: Study

By Debbie Haski-Leventhal and Mehrdokht Pournader, Macquarie Graduate School of Management More than 90% of business students in a study on corporate social responsibility said they would...
Job applicant

People & Human Resources

Dog treats, marshmallows and inspirational quotes: How one job seeker took her application to the next level

Sifting through job applicants searching for the right fit for your company can be a tedious process, with one cover letter blending into the next...
Job applicants

recruitment and hiring

How to pick a shonky resume

It’s 5.00pm on a Friday and you want to go home. You’ve gone through 150 resumes and none of them stand out. Then you...
Managers analysing data

People & Human Resources

Why collecting employee data and using “people analytics” won’t necessarily lead to better workplaces

By Uri Gal, University of Sydney Using computer algorithms to make decisions about employees might seem like an objective management strategy, but it could actually give...
Colleagues talking outside their office

People & Human Resources

Coffee, yoga and free snacks: Which work perks actually encourage someone to join your team?

Small business owners are well-acquainted with the challenge of chasing star talent with limited resources, but when it comes to courting staff with non-financial...

recruitment and hiring

Stop hiring for cultural fit, it’s damaging your teams’ potential

It has long been the Australian style to hire for ‘cultural fit’. We haven’t worried so much about past experience or skills as much...

People & Human Resources

Five characteristics of bad listeners

People’s listening skills are worsening, thanks to the myriad of distractions all about them. And people wearing earbuds pay little attention to others’ cues...
Two colleagues having a conversation


How to have challenging conversations while maintaining trust

As a leader, you need to be able to broach challenging subjects with members of your team and others, while still maintaining effective relationships...
Small business owner


How setting up a “focus day” could help you add more value to your business

Remember to email that client, call the supplier back, respond to that investor on LinkedIn, give your developer a ring about the site issue,...

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Upskilling is key to job security


Is Australia facing a skills shortage? According to a recent Manpower Group survey of more than 1500 companies, 38% of respondents reported challenges filling...
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