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People Problems

Rate your culture and assess your ‘best’ practice

It’s the end of another year and a good time to look back and review. by Eve Ash

Why is everyone behaving badly?

The first place to look when those we deal with are not delivering the right attitudes is within ourselves. by Eve Ash

Help! My employee is always running late

Grow some back bone! Remember who is the boss here. by Aunty B

There's a world of difference between being obsessive or just plain pedantic

For true OCD sufferers, the condition does not discriminate between billionaires and the unemployed. by Eve Ash

Factors that breed innovation

Isn't it refreshing when a company not only professes to value innovative employees, but has instigated practices that demonstrate that they actually do? by Eve Ash

Managing time and priorities without going mad!

Societies everywhere are undergoing enormous shifts in attitude, composition and behaviour, putting employers and employees under pressure. by Eve Ash

Should you disclose mental health issues at work?

Ideally, we should be able to talk to those we work with about our lives and our health. by Eve Ash

Hating your own expectations of yourself?

It’s a constant challenge to keep the oil slick of work and achievements under control. by Eve Ash

Think before you rant

The advent of social media and online forums makes it even more important to think before you air your dirty laundry. by Eve Ash

10 ways you may be driving your manager mad!

You might dislike your manager, or feel they have something against you or maybe they behave unfairly towards you. These are the things that will drive them mad. by Eve Ash

A simple approach to career change

You may be just out of school or 60+ wanting a change. It’s an exciting challenge to work out who you are and what will work best for you, but many people find it daunting. by Eve Ash

Six classic tell-tale signs of a bully and what to do about it

Despite international and official recognition of the damage they cause to companies, bullies remain at large and swoop at the least opportunity. by Eve Ash

10 steps to making peace with someone you hate at work

Are you in a nightmare situation at work where you can't stand working with a colleague? Here are 10 ways to extend the olive branch. by Eve Ash

Gut feeling? Warning bells? Someone is cheating and stealing!

If you work with someone and suspect something is very unethical or illegal about their actions, here’s a guide to what you need to do next. by Eve Ash

Snowed under? Are you working hard or hardly working?

Giving yourself some mental space to rest and think about your work can make you more productive. by Eve Ash

What do you work for?

A recent survey run by SmartCompany shows money is not the only thing that motivates people to work. by Eve Ash

On the nose – what to do about smells in the workplace

How you influence or affect someone usually comes down to a matter of discussion, but rarely do we take that awkward step in discussing how people affect each other via scent. by Eve Ash

Five clear signs that you have lost touch with your team

It can be really tough being a manager, especially if it is your first time. by Eve Ash

Five steps to creating healthy team habits

To create great team habits, first we have to look at how these habits, good and bad, are formed. by Eve Ash

Six keys to great client service

Here are six things you can do to get customer/client services right. by Eve Ash
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