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todayFriday, 19 December 2014

Which age group is guilty of chucking the most sickies?

Young workers are more likely to fake a sick day than other age groups, according to research from Melbourne University by Broede Carmody

“I had many sleepless nights”: The KK gift of chocolate reindeer poo that ruined this public servant’s career

Forget about Christmas party etiquette, employers now need to think about how tacky Kris Kringle presents can upset staff, according to one former public servant. by Kirsten Robb

Help! I made Christmas treats for my team and one of them criticised my baking

In a perfect world I would tell that so-and-so to take the cupcake and put it where the sun doesn’t shine. by Aunty B

The Lighter Side: The problem with most business growth metrics

This week the team at Vooza poke some fun at just how misleading some commonly used business metrics can be. by Eloise Keating

yesterdayFriday, 19 December 2014

Depression at holiday times

The holiday season can often be a difficult time for people experiencing depression. by Eve Ash

Help! My workmate flaunts a disturbing tattoo in front of customers

I’m not usually one to advocate “dobbing”, however ... by Aunty B

Germany moves to ban after-work emails: will Australia follow suit?

Checking your smartphone for an email from your boss could be a thing of the past with the number of high-profile advocates who argue for a ban on after-work contact growing. by Karen Coombs and Eloise Keating

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

A quarter of Aussie small business owners will work on Christmas Day: Three tips to put your feet up

There will be little Christmas cheer for thousands of small businesses in Australia next week, with research showing a quarter of small business owners plan to work through Christmas Day this year. by Kirsten Robb

Help! I got stuck with the worst KK gift at my work Christmas party

It might not be very Christmassy of me to say this, but my response to your apparent problem is: tough luck. by Aunty B
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