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yesterdayMonday, 8 February 2016

Feeling stressed and unproductive? Here's how to stop being busy and be mindful instead

Don’t act. Don’t talk. Don’t solve a problem. Just sit. Do nothing. For three minutes. by Gillian Coutts

Contract law change leaves franchisees vulnerable

The incoming legislation seems to have missed the mark for prospective and renewing franchisees, who should have been ensured greater protection by the amendments. by Courtenay Atwell

Using charity challenges to change habits

Challenges like FebFast, Dry July and Ocsober can be great opportunities to get some perspective on your habits. by Bri Williams

How to create a new sales routine that delivers results

A training workshop is pretty useless in changing sales performance without all the other things we need to have in place. by Sue Barrett

Vulnerability is not a sign of a confident leader

There is a big push for authentic leaders to show their “vulnerability” but I think that is a mistake. by Amanda Rose

Friday, 5 February 2016

Why automation will not replace your accountant

The value of having an accountant is not in the data entry but in what they can add to your business. by Maree Caulfield

Five ways to raise money for your brilliant app idea

You need money to turn your great idea into a reality. Know all your options early to save on time and stress. by Dennis Benjamin

Admit it - no one really knows what’s going on in the property markets!

Even when armed with data and reports, we know far less about property investment than we'd like to admit. by Michael Yardney

The evidence is lacking in the case for a crackdown on tax deductions for work expenses

Limiting tax deductibility is a blunt instrument that can have major unintended consequences for SME owners, writes the Small Business Ombudsman. by Kate Carnell

What's going on at Yahoo?

By some measures, Yahoo's core internet business is worth less than zero. by Eamonn Walsh
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