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yesterdayMonday, 20 October 2014

What are you really paying for – hours or experience?

As salespeople and business professionals, we should always value the knowledge and experience we deliver to our clients. by Sue Barrett

As the UK’s high street suffers, online retail entrepreneurs emerge

While high street shops in the UK are on the wane, small online players continue to emerge. by Kevin Moore

Does it make sense to use cents in pricing?

Decimal points, commas, rounded figures: what effect do these elements have on your customer's perception of price? by Bri Williams

Friday, 17 October 2014

The Block shocks – the reality of property renovations

What did we learn from the most recent season of The Block? Well, as I'm sure you all know, reality TV is not about real life. by Michael Yardney

Thursday, 16 October 2014

How smart hiring built the PayPal mafia

Not hiring entrepreneurial workers hurts businesses as the success of Silicon Valley's PayPal mafia shows. by Paul Wallbank

It’s empowerment, stupid! What Australian businesses can learn from the US app experience

There has been a paradigm shift in empowerment, with self-service becoming a greater part of consumers’ expectations. by Dennis Benjamin

What if you could save hours every week using IT tools?

Very few entrepreneurs set out at the start of the year to run a business through decline, but it is often the nature of business to lurch from level to level with the occasional decline. by David Markus

Why a leading SEO awards company was blacklisted by Google: Video

Last Wednesday, a leading SEO awards company was absolutely smashed by Google and removed from the index. Here's what happened. by Jim Stewart

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

How social media groups can turn interest into sales leads

Prospects are asking for a supplier like you right now, you just have to be in with the right groups. by Craig Reardon

Five ways to amplify your results from content marketing

Introducing some discipline and strategy will ensure that the money spent on content marketing turns into revenue for smart business owners. by Michelle Gamble
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