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Free Business Resources: The Future of Work is Now

Free Business Resources: The Future of Work is Now

The future of work is now. Today’s workforce is more mobile and dispersed than ever and Citrix is offering six complimentary content-based resources to help implement meaningful ways for employees, partners and clients to navigate this new world of work from anywhere and transform the way you and your teams communicate and collaborate, written exclusively for Citrix GoToMeeting by leading international experts.

The Future of Work Research Report

This recent global research study explains how the successful future workplace will function based on flexible work schedules, mobile devices and more effective collaboration.

5 Myths about Leading Virtual Teams

This new brief by author Gihan Perera, examines the common myths about managing virtual teams and offers suggestions for how managers and leaders can overcome them.

How to Prepare Your Team for the Future of Work

This Chess Media Group whitepaper explores how you can embrace the modern mobile workstyle by transforming the way you and your teams communicate and collaborate.

Are you a Collaborative Leader?

This white paper from Harvard Business Review explains the new role of a collaborative leader who is capable of engaging employees from anywhere.

Benefits of Mobile Workstyles for Business and People

This infographic illustrates how people are happier, less stressed and more motivated when they have the option to work on the go.

Manager's Guide to Creating a Foundation for Flexible Work.

This guide shows you how to implement a successful flexible work program, overcome the greatest barriers and provides tips for selecting the best technology.

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