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Free SmartCompany eBook: Beginner's Guide to Digital Marketing

To be a thriving business and at the forefront of customer’s minds, a savvy digital marketing strategy must include a well-designed website, knowledge of search engine optimisation (SEO), and a hands-on approach to social media.

Without a strategy to guide you, all of these activities can quickly eat into your time and money, and leave you wondering whether you’ve actually made any progress.

This eBook will bring you the basic starter tips to form a digital marketing strategy and get it up and running. With a chapter dedicated to each of the three major aspects of a successful online presence, you’ll be enjoying the benefits of the digital space in no time.

This free SmartCompany eBook will cover:

  • The importance of a user-friendly web design and mobile optimisation
  • Where to start with your SEO and search engine marketing strategies
  • How to use social media to connect with customers

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