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Retail Trends

Seven trends in retail to fuel growth in 2015

Here are seven key trends for retail in 2015 that will make an impact across the sector, and not just at the big end of town. by Kevin Moore

The 12 top global retail trends for 2015

Engineering your end game and getting ready for mobile payments are both key global retail trends for next year, according to Lorna Hall, head of market intelligence at WGSN. by Cara Waters

Innovative grocery retailers can still compete with the big boys

Changes in the ways we shop, and what we shop for, drive competition. Meaning there's always room for new, innovative ways to grow in retail, against all the odds. by Kevin Moore

Christmas fairs and fares: How they shape our shopping

Shoppers now have many more options than just the local shopping mall for their Christmas shopping. by Kevin Moore

Aussie retailers – the dotcom world is your stage

Australian retailers are in a good position to capitalise on the move to online retail. by Kevin Moore

The Aldi, LIDL conundrum: Same, same, but different

It seems I'm not alone in getting supermarket chains Aldi and LIDL mixed up. by Kevin Moore

The pop-up stores turning into long-term retail businesses

Pop-up stores are big at the moment, but location is a premium factor when it comes to their success. by Kevin Moore

The UK and US retail trend that could soon appear in Australia

Clothing in supermarkets is common in the UK while discount department stores in the US often sell food. So are we likely to see the same category creep trend emerge in Australia? by Kevin Moore

Buying into the fast-changing trends of today’s retail scene

The retail landscape is continuously changing – from store reinvention and the emergence of new concepts to the use of in-store technology to create a brand story. by Mark Freidin

Pop on your skates for Christmas

As the festive season approaches, it’s time to review your selling strategy – is a pop-up shop the solution for you? by Kevin Moore

Night-time doesn’t equal shopping time in Australia for tourists

As we continue to move from mining and manufacturing to a service-based economy, we need to ensure we provide shoppers with the shopping hours they want. by Kevin Moore

Australian retail needs to embrace cashed-up Asian shoppers

If the Asian Century is truly going to embrace Australia, then we will need to invest thought, time and energy to welcome Chinese, Japanese and all other Asian shoppers into our retail space. by Kevin Moore

Curation and display the key for online retailer

It's not a pretty term, but agglomeration might be the way forward for many pureplay online retailers. by Kevin Moore

Why Melbourne Spring Fashion Week is such a successful event

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week is a great example of how local and state governments from both sides of politics can work together effectively with business to promote Australian retail and fashion. by Kevin Moore

Dick Smith makeover shows early promise

It was good this past week to see the new public face of an iconic Australian company re-emerge. by Kevin Moore

Being your own brand turns retail model on its head

I spent last week in the US on a retail tour with an Australian client. A wise and experienced senior grocery manufacturer exec who, unusually, had run grocery stores in the earlier part of his career. by Kevin Moore

From sausage dogs to hot hogs: How SMEs can use Facebook to engage with customers

Facebook and small retailers do go together very well, when matched properly. And by that I mean when the use of the tool is authentic. by Kevin Moore

Why moving to New Zealand might be the way to go

My blog last week highlighted the growth disparities in the retail and distributive trades between Australia and New Zealand, with NZ growing and Australia shrinking slowly, or flat lining at best. by Kevin Moore

As Australia’s productivity stalls, New Zealand leaps ahead

I've just looked back at one of my blogs from mid-2011, August 15 to be precise. It was shortly after the previous chairman of the Productivity Commission, Gary Banks, had released his report on productivity within the Australian retail sector. by Kevin Moore

New Zealand's resilient retail sector continues to surprise

New Zealand's retailers are innovative because they have to be – and they can be. It's a very small, self-contained and competitive market. by Kevin Moore
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