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Selling Strategies

De-risking your value proposition for your customer

The right de-risking strategy can reassure your customer when it comes to a new product or service purchase. by Trent Leyshan

Trent Leyshan sales video episode 1: Know your numbers

Knowing your numbers gives you an immediate edge on your competition when it comes to sales. by Trent Leyshan

The true meaning of service

Not far from where I live there is petrol station run by an old man that I call Gus, with an old-fashioned lesson in customer service. by Trent Leyshan

How to win that next big promotion

To achieve more in business you don't have to expect more from others, but you do need to expect more from yourself. by Trent Leyshan

Rethinking your approach to the question: 'Is the customer always right?'

An age-old question that still baffles too many businesspeople is whether the customer is always right. by Trent Leyshan

Are your customers crazy?

Do your salespeople sit back at drink o'clock on a Friday afternoon and share war stories of the customers that got away, potential clients exhibiting seemingly strange and unpredictable behaviour? by Trent Leyshan

Sales techniques for dealing with crazy customers

Crazy customers can manifest from pushy salespeople who are too persuasive for their own good. by Trent Leyshan

VIDEO: The Naked Salesman: Underwear millionaire Sean Ashby

Trent Leyshan talks to Aussie Bum chief executive Sean Ashby about the art of making money from undies. (Warning: Contains language which may offend.) by Trent Leyshan

The art of Chen

Excellent customer service can come in many shapes and sizes, including a cheery Sydney taxi driver. by Trent Leyshan

What is the difference between 'strategy' and 'solution'?

What is a strategy? And how exactly does it differ from a solution? by Trent Leyshan

What is down-selling?

No, down-selling has nothing to do with the sale of pillow stuffing. But it could be a useful way to build trust and sales relationships. by Trent Leyshan

Reading your passion-meter

Find your passion. But watch out for passion's little sister, reckless. by Trent Leyshan

One plus one equals three

One happy customer plus another should equal three. Clearly I failed mathematics at school, or is there more to it? by Trent Leyshan

Collaborate to innovate and tap the realm of possibility

It's up to you to inspire your people to see more, feel more and be more in life, because that's what leaders do. by Trent Leyshan

Make sure the gateway to your business hits the profit sweet spot

Is your business making a good first impression or are you squandering valuable opportunities? by Trent Leyshan

No one likes a desperado

Invest in the fundamentals and the sales are likely to follow. by Trent Leyshan

It’s big to be small

Do you think big businesses have an advantage in this economy? Think Again! by Trent Leyshan

More crazy customers

The internet has been the greatest incubator of crazy customers the world has ever seen. by Trent Leyshan

Your secret sales weapon

Here's a clue: They're the things stuck to the side of your head. by Trent Leyshan

Never sell a carrot to a rabbit

If you're selling carrots to rabbits you better know your Imperators from your Altrinchams. by Trent Leyshan
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