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‘Mobilegeddon’: Three things you must know about tomorrow’s Google algorithm change

It’s been labelled ‘mobilegeddon’ by some tech commentators, but that might not be hyperbole for small businesses. by Engel Schmidl

‘Mobilegeddon’ changes: Google to change URLs for mobile and speed up web browsing

As a part of its mobile-focused algorithm update scheduled for today, Google has said it will change the format of URLs seen on a search results, so users can more easily work out if the page is what they’re looking for. by Engel Schmidl

Zoupon pays $100,000 for domain, says SEO benefits too big to ignore

The huge purchase – one of the largest among the Australian domain name market - comes as Zoupon faces competition from the ever growing group buying industry, which all use variations on the phrase "daily deals". by Patrick Stafford

Your web checklist (score yourself)

By Craig ReardonWill it ever end? Every time you turn around there’s a new e-business “thingie” that we are supposed to have used, adopted and debated over the barbie at the weekend. by Craig Reardon

Your SEO is safe from the Penguin... for now

  Everyone's been on edge for about a month now, just waiting for Google's Penguin update that's been promised to happen. by David Southwell

Yahoo’s new free email addresses

Troubled internet search engine company Yahoo is offering free email addresses under two different domain names in an effort to gain more users for the site. by

Yahoo! not planning to invest in local search and maps market during the short term: Mayer

According to Search Engine Land, Mayer said that online media giant says search remains a “core priority” for the company and will be a core strategic focus for her as CEO. by Andrew Sadauskas

Yahoo! not planning to invest in local search and maps market during the short term: Mayer

New Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer has announced the company isn’t planning to make any large investments to tackle Google in the local search and maps space in the short term. by Andrew Sadauskas

Yahoo restructure on the cards

New chief executive Carol Bartz said she would bring fresh changes to the company after taking over from Jerry Yang in an attempt to boost the group's falling share prices. by Patrick Stafford

Yahoo entrepreneur resigns after share slide

Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang has resigned as the company’s chief executive, just 17 months after assuming the role to help restructure the group. by Patrick Stafford

World's most popular websites… China's happy capitalists… Mobile dollars… Taming the frizz… Time and mummy…

The world’s top 10 most popular websitesThe fastest-growing web brand by unique visitors is online product review site Ciao, which grew 31% during May, to record almost 30 million unique visitors, according to research by comScore’s World Metrix service reported in Marketing Charts. by

Woolworths buys for $33,000, as domain market heats up

David Lye, who heads up domain name registrar Netfleet, says the purchase comes just a few days after CurrencyCoverter. by Patrick Stafford

WME founder Nick Bell on why a global brand is not part of his expansion plans

  Creating a global brand is the ultimate hallmark of success in the corporate world. However, when the time came in 2010 to expand to other countries, we purposely put our ego aside and opted not to display our multi-million-dollar Australian business name up in lights across the globe. by Alex Darling

Windows 7 pricing leaked

The memo is designed for staff at US electronics chain Best Buy, and warns stores not to advertise the new Windows 7 OS as "Vista that works", in a clear sign that Microsoft is aware of the alleged downfalls of the Vista operating system. by Patrick Stafford

Will Ninemsn and Yahoo7 be affected by Microsoft and Yahoo’s search deal?

Yahoo7 said in a statement it is currently investigating how the partnership will work locally. "These kinds of deals can take months to finalise and years to roll out. by Patrick Stafford

Will customers find your product reviews?

By Chris Thomas Online reputation management is one of those areas usually reserved for the bigger end of town. by Chris Thomas

Why you're never going to rank number one on Google - and what to do about it

Ranking number one is almost an unfair advantage - and that’s why great businesses rank there. But now for the bad news. by Fred Schebesta

Why web design is (still) overrated

Web design is, of course, critical to the success of the website it is applied to. All successful websites have considerable amounts of resources invested in ensuring that the design is not only enticing in itself, but ensures the organisation it represents is seen in the most professional light possible. by Craig Reardon

Why should companies re-brand?

Aunty,I am attempting to write a presentation on branding and marketing and am struggling to nail why my audience would buy the re-brand story given that they are mostly one to three-partner financial planning firms of relative long standing. by

Why NAB is about to be smashed by Google’s next search update: SEO Video

There’s 14 days left until Google’s next update, which is due on April 21 – and one of Australia’s biggest banks isn’t ready Jim Stewart is one of the country’s leading experts in search engine optimisation and his business Stew Art Media has worked with large clients including Mars, M2 and the City of Melbourne. by Andrew Sadauskas
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