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Top Snap Marketing

Rob Watkin
Rob Watkin
Smart50 rank: 44
Revenue: $3715763
Growth: 54.21%
Founders: Rob Watkin, 44
Head Office: New South Wales
Employees: 5
Industry: Property and business services

Rob Watkin started Top Snap Marketing to become the leading provider of property photography and marketing services in Australia.

Watkin says he has harnessed the potential of offshoring technology support and built a leading-edge operating platform for franchisees.

The platform is unique and allows Top Snap Marketing to deliver photographic images and other product and services with next day turnaround to clients nationwide.

Watkin says in starting the business, he has learnt the importance of having a vision and building a strong and passionate culture of commitment to staff, franchisees and clients.

“We have from the outset built strong systems around how we operate and we invest heavily in technology and support,” he says.

“We have a strong team who are well rewarded and passionate about what they do, so this all helps to ensure that when issues arise we are capable of dealing with them efficiently and without panic.”

Watkin says Top Snap Marketing processes and deliver up to 20,000 photographic images a month, so it is imperative that things like servers and operating systems are monitored 24 hours a day and operated by experts in the field.

He tells entrepreneurs to “go for it”, saying “it is a much more rewarding and fulfilling journey when you are sailing your own ship”.

“Make sure whatever you do in life you are passionate about and attack that with determination and enthusiasm and remember that it is also supposed to be fun along the way, and you will succeed.”

Top Snap Marketing is training its first overseas franchisee for New Zealand and plans to expand internationally.

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