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Nepean Industry Edge Training

Carol Campbell
Carol Campbell
Smart50 rank: 41
Revenue: $1270262
Growth: 54.61%
Founders: Carol Campbell, 51
Head Office: Victoria
Employees: 7
Industry: Education

When Carol Campbell founded Nepean Industry Edge Training only two years ago she needed to be able to do the school run and have flexible work hours. But it wasn’t long until her dining room became a boardroom.

Nepean Industry is a registered training organisation that provides accredited training programs in areas such as aged care, childcare, and training assessment programs.

“The gap in the industry was ‘service’. We have other training companies down here providing the same programs. What they forgot to provide was the service; we believe our role is to engage, inspire and motivate our students,” Campbell says.

She says the most challenging aspects of having her own business is just that, doing it by herself, with the risks and stresses that entails.

“I have learnt that I am stronger than I think I am...that many people will think they can do better but they are the ones who generally sit and do nothing.”

“I learn every day; about leadership, strategy, growth and finances. I continue to learn and see this as a never-ending process,” she says.

Nepean Industry’s status as a boutique company with similar programs to competitors forced her to find a point of difference for the business.

Campbell also sought partnerships with reputable organisations to run other programs. Nepean Industry partnered with an auditing group and Gordon Institute and is now able to offer over 200 programs.

“This makes us look bigger than we are, it provides credibility and we are able to offer a gamut of programs to our clients,” says Campbell.

Campbell advises entrepreneurs to never give up.

“Never stop believing that you will be successful; never stop believing that you deserve success and that you have something wonderful to offer,” she says.

Campbell wants to expand the programs with more partnership programs designed specifically for clients.

“We want to conduct more training on-site at aged care facilities and set the benchmark for exemplary training,” she says.

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