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Ready Steady Print

Joshua Kamil
Joshua Kamil
Smart50 rank: 39
Revenue: $2594172
Growth: 58.09%
Founders: Joshua Kamil, 26
Head Office: Victoria
Employees: 4
Industry: Internet

Ready Steady Print’s founder Joshua Kamil set out wanting to change the traditional landscape of the printing industry, where he says only the large print buyers or organisations were treated with respect.

With Ready Steady Print, Kamil took the traditional print management model and combined it with an online buying process so all customers could get access to highly competitive printing, 24/7 with some of the fastest lead times in the country.

“Printers generally discounted the value of SMB and as a result, SMB were paying a premium when compared to the larger customers. We take lots of SMBs and combine all of their requirements to become a large print buyer that can demand the fastest turnaround times and the most competitive prices,” he says.

“In these days, it’s a win-win. Our customers get the highest quality, fastest printing in the country and our suppliers benefit from a continuous, ongoing, steady workflow which in turn makes their businesses run more efficiently and drives their production costs down.”

The two biggest challenges Kamil faced with starting up RSP were finding suppliers that would take a chance and give them competitive pricing from the start and finding the customers, online and offline.

“I learnt very quickly that suppliers would work on extremely small margins if they were receiving constant workflow as it meant that their overall cost of production would decline. Thus even though they were making small margins on us, we were driving down their overall production costs and they made larger margins on other clients,” he says.

Kamil is proud of his company’s growth rate, achieving an average of 53% per annum over the last three years, but he aims to increase this by at least 10% for this coming year.

“I've started doing a fair bit of print management work with NPOs, which I'm really enjoying.

“Now that I have a strong support team in the office, I'll be looking at growing the print management side of the business, targeting both NPOs and some larger companies that are looking for someone to oversee their print buying.”

When asked what advice Kamil would give to fellow entrepreneurs, he says: “Never take no for an answer if you believe in whatever it is that you're doing or want to do, and always take calculated risks.”

Kamil also advises that it is better to keep the customer happy and make a little less profit on their job than have them take their business elsewhere, offering words of wisdom from his grandfather, who once told him “no one ever went broke from taking a profit”.

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