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Future Knowledge

Michael Guazzarotto
Michael Guazzarotto
Smart50 rank: 38
Revenue: $1682543
Growth: 58.11%
Founders: Michael Guazzarotto, 41
Head Office: Victoria
Employees: 15
Industry: Information technology

Self-described as a “customer-centric” specialist IT company, Future Knowledge was conceived in 2005 to help large organisations adopt new technology.

Founder Michael Guazzarotto says although many large software companies and management consulting firms were already providing this service as a side business, they were not providing comprehensive services.

“We felt that they were not doing it justice; and organisations looking to adopt new technology could benefit from specialists who were customer-centric and with a focus on meeting business goals, not just installing software,” he says.

Guazzarotto says there were growing pains in developing the company. A few examples of these are learning to sell the brand not the individuals, moving from managing the business from the bank account to the balance sheet and recruitment and employee engagement.

He says Future Knowledge is also kept on its toes adapting to a fast-changing industry where new technologies are always emerging.

The most significant has been the emergence of eLearning development tools, as offshoring and commodification of eLearning is driving both quality and prices down.

The company also experienced a “near-death” experience during the global financial crisis, which reduced the number of large IT projects being signed off in the past few years.

This reduced Future Knowledge’s opportunities in the traditional areas where it had done business since 2005.

“The way we solved the problem was to over-deliver on current projects, diversify offerings to add value to organisations not in the traditional project cycle, and network and increase sales and marketing efforts,” Guazzarotto says.

Guazzarotto advises entrepreneurs who are starting out to register business names and logos as a trademark with IP Australia.

He says Future Knowledge aims to expand to more Australian states and territories in the future.

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