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TaxSmart Accountants

Scott Andrews
Scott Andrews
Smart50 rank: 36
Revenue: $1200000
Growth: 60.08%
Founders: Scott Andrews, 38
Head Office: New South Wales
Employees: 12
Industry: Property and business services

TaxSmart Accountants differentiates itself from the other accountants out there by targeting its offering to busy people who want good quality accounting.

The company achieves that convenience by operating seven days a week from shopping centre kiosks staffed by professional accountants.

“People are busy, but they are not willing to compromise service quality,” says founder Scott Andrews.

“They want that service to be provided more conveniently to them.”

Establishing this unconventional business model has been challenging and Andrews has had to work on changing the public’s perceptions, including customers, regulators and professional bodies.

“Obtaining small business clients has proven sometimes difficult for our franchisees,” says Andrews.

To counter that, TaxSmart partnered with MYOB this year to join its pilot program and learn its new cloud-based products, so that it can assist with rolling it out to small businesses throughout Australia.

“The new cloud-based software is so much more of an improvement to what is currently on offer to small business in Australia,” Andrews says.

Andrews urges new entrepreneurs to back themselves.

“Do not pass the running of the business on to anyone else, no matter how good they say they are,” he says.

Andrews is now focusing on operational efficiencies and improving internal procedures to industry best practice before the company focuses on growth.

“Our people are our greatest asset. Franchisees, staff, client, even suppliers always seem keen to offer positive suggestions,” he says.

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